Laura Dundovic shares her N+TC training tips

Laura Dundovic and Nike trainer Bec Wilcock.

On May 2nd, Sydney will join 12 cities across the globe to launch Nike+ Training Club. We sat down with Ambassador Laura Dundovic, to find out how she plans to smash her goals on the day.

How are you training in the lead up to the N+TC Tour?
I’ve been doing soft sand runs three times a week for cardio. I use the Nike+ app and try to improve my time over the same distance. I’ve also been doing some weight training twice a week and yoga to stretch out whenever I can fit it in. I've been travelling a bit for work so have been doing the workouts on the N+TC app. The yoga one is great in the morning. I’ve also been attending the N+TC training classes!

What made you want to be a part of N+TC?
I was an ambassador for last year’s Nike She Runs and love their events. I pushed myself so hard for the event and made amazing friends I still train with. When Nike asked me to come on board as the N+TC Tour Ambassador, I knew this one would be just as good if not better!

What's your go-to healthy breakfast?
Quinoa muesli with blueberries with a handful of almonds.

Do you have a morning ritual?
I wake up and like to stretch and then meditate. I prefer to exercise in the afternoon but a lot of my friends like to train in the morning so I make an exception!

What’s your favourite smoothie recipe?
I love to throw some raw chocolate protein, raw greens powder, a handful of blueberries, half a banana, a sprinkle of chia seeds, dates, cinnamon and a splash of coconut water into my blender. A great tip is to freeze your bananas so the drink is icy and they last longer.

5 things we'd find in your fridge?
1. Sparkling Water
2. Raspberries
3. Tamari almonds
4. Vegan protein
5. Protein Bars

Who is your biggest fitness inspiration?
My Mum, because she knows so much about food and exercise. She works out three times a week every week and has done for as long as I can remember. She looks after her health and also makes sure she has time to meditate every day.

What are some of your favourite workout tracks?
Anything by Kanye West or Flume always works for me!

Tell us the smartphone apps you can’t live without?

Register for the N+TC Tour event on 2 May at

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