Mum's 'brilliant' laundry powder hack saves time and money

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One mum’s laundry powder hack is being hailed a ‘seriously brilliant’ and ‘cost-effective’ idea by impressed Facebook users who are keen to try it for themselves.

The nifty mum shared a photo of what she calls her ‘laundry powder combination’ which is a mixture of a variety of budget and more pricey brands, including a 5kg pack of Omo Sensitive which she purchased from Coles for $30.

“The other three [powders] are from Aldi for $12,” she added of the Trimat, Di-San, and Laundrite boxes also pictured.

Mum's 'brilliant' laundry powder hack saves time and money. Photo: Facebook.

The woman tells Yahoo Lifestyle she got the idea from her sister, who also mixes a few detergents together in a clear plastic container with a lid.

She uses ‘a very small scoop per wash’ and the mix ‘does a great job and lasts months’.

“The goal was to not have to buy detergent so often. Combining a [more expensive] brand with a cheaper option makes it go further,” she tells us.

“There’s nothing wrong with the cheaper options alone but I’d been using Omo or Cold Power for so long it’s hard for me to give that one up,” she adds.

She mentions her laundry powder hack was ‘a bit controversial,’ receiving a ‘good mix’ of responses from fellow Facebookers.

Mum's 'brilliant' laundry powder hack saves time and money. Photo: Facebook.

Some of the positive reactions included ‘seriously brilliant idea’ and ‘a really good idea on extending it!’

“You get the boost of the expensive brand in the bulk of the cheaper ones or other additive and just use one scoop to get cost-effective and quality powder,” commented one.

“Point is your washing is clean and don’t have to use expensive brands. I do this all the time,” said another.

“I'm definitely stealing the storage method with the plastic container. Thanks,” said one.

While one commenter wasn’t convinced, writing, “Why mix them? What's wrong with just using one”.

For the woman behind the hack, sharing it online was a learning experience.

Nothing like a good hack to help with the washing. Photo: Getty

“I learnt a few things, for example, I probably shouldn’t mix too many chemicals together and perhaps use safer options which I’ll definitely be taking into consideration for the next lot,” she says.

“But in general, it’s not for everyone but I’ve been doing this for a long time and it works well for us,” she adds.

Top laundry powder hacks

The post also prompted others to share their own laundry powder hacks.

“I add a few boxes of straight bicarb soda to my Biozet [and it] goes so much further,” wrote one.

“I buy Omo - you only need to use half of what then recommend - particularly on light soiled clothes,” said another.

“I use this Aldi one. Plus 1/4 cup Di-San liquid in every wash. Family of 5 a $4 box lasts 6 weeks doing a load a day. It’s fab and cleans all my kids’ clothes,” recommended one.

“Great idea, I’ll often mix in Preen or Napisan with the powder for stain removal,” revealed one.

“I make a similar mix into a big bucket but also grate one bar of Sards stain removal soap and one bar of laundry soap into it,” added another.

Be sure to check the ingredient list of all products before combining them.

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