Formula's Las Vegas Grand Prix in pictures

The Las Vegas Grand Prix put on a show, with bright lights, plenty of celebrities and thrilling racing drama.

Max Verstappen took his 18th win of the season and Charles Leclerc fought back to finish second after overtaking Sergio Perez on the final corner of the last lap.

Here's how the long-awaited Grand Prix looked over the course of the weekend...

A generic shot of the Las Vegas Grand Prix at night
The bright lights of Las Vegas provided an amazing backdrop to events
Kylie Minogue performing at the las vegas grand prix
Kylie Minogue was one of many celebrities to perform at a star-studded opening ceremony
an image of the Las Vegas strip as Max Verstappen drives a lap during practice
Then first practice kicked off under the neon lights in Nevada
An image of a pothole damage on the track during first practice
And then it didn't... The first practice session was cut short after Ferrari's Carlos Sainz made contact with a loose manhole, significantly damaging his car
fans being told to leave the fan zone before second practice
It delayed proceedings so much, fans were told to leave the grandstands and fan zones before second practice began
George Russell drives past the sphere which lights up with the las vegas sign
The Sphere could not distract from events going on elsewhere as tempers frayed in the paddock
Gordon Ramsay is talking to Rod Stewart as the musician pulls a funny face at the camera.
Not that the celebrities were too bothered: Gordon Ramsay has appeared in the F1 paddock several times this season, but singer Rod Stewart still seemed surprised
Charles Leclerc is racing round the circuit under the lights in Las Vegas.
It was Charles Leclerc who put on a show during qualifying and earned pole
Terry Crews and Usain Bolt posing and smiling on the Las Vegas grid
The duo we didn't know we needed, American actor Terry Crews and Usain Bolt posing on the grid walk before the race
A$AP Rocky and Rihanna in the Ferrari garage chatting to each other
We've seen A$AP Rocky at F1 races before, but Rihanna joined him in the Ferrari garage
The grandstand of the Las Vegas Grand Prix is looking packed of fans.
It may have been a race for TV and for sponsors to do business, but the grandstands were packed with excited fans
All of the Formula 1 grid head down to Turn One of the Las Vegas Grand Prix after a chaotic start.
The start of the race certainly got the drama started after Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc went wide, with Verstappen handed a five-second race penalty as a result
Max Verstappen drives round the circuit with the Sphere showing a solar style image in the background
But Verstappen's performance at times was other-worldly
Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez in their Elvis themed race suits on the podium as they spray champagne to their team
Both Red Bull drivers rocked the Elvis themed race suits as they celebrated on the podium