Lala Kent Recalls Accidentally Exposing Herself While 'Wasted' in a Club

Now five years sober, the 'Vanderpump Rules' star remembers using a bathroom at a club and not realizing the entire venue could see her squatting over the toilet

<p>Give Them Lala Podcast/Youtube</p> Lala Kent recalls accidentally exposing herself in the bathroom on

Give Them Lala Podcast/Youtube

Lala Kent recalls accidentally exposing herself in the bathroom on 'Give Them Lala'

Lala Kent is looking back on some of her most embarrassing moments — particularly one time when she says she was “wasted” in Las Vegas and accidentally exposed herself in a club.

The Vanderpump Rules star, 33, talked about humiliating memories after the latest episode of her podcast, Give Them Lala, and recalled one specific moment when she was “maybe 21, 22.”

Kent, who celebrated 5 years of sobriety in October, recounted going to a nightclub that had single-person bathrooms — with doors that “are glass that you can see through.”

However, once you lock the doors, “they fog up" for privacy.

<p>Charles Sykes/Bravo</p> Lala Kent arrives to a March 2024 episode of 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen'

Charles Sykes/Bravo

Lala Kent arrives to a March 2024 episode of 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen'

Kent, however, didn't know any of this when she went to use the bathroom.

“I'm wasted,” she explained. “And I just pull my pants down, hike my dress up, and I see this guy [standing outside], and I'm like, ‘I can see him. Can — can he see me?’ “

“And he's knocking, and he's like, ‘You need to lock the door. We can see you!’ “

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“It was just so embarrassing,” said the expectant mom, who shares daughter Ocean, 3, with ex Randall Emmett.

And it gets worse, Kent said, adding that the bathrooms were elevated from the crowd, meaning everyone could see her.

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“You guys, I was like, ‘This bathroom's amazing! I can watch what everyone's doing.’ “

While Kent acknowledged, “I don’t know what they saw” of me, she admitted that she was squatting while using the bathroom, saying, “I’m not sitting on that disgusting toilet.”

“Vagina on display!” commented co-host Jessica Walter.

“So all these people got to see you squatting and peeing at the same time?” co-host Easton Burningham asked.

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“I want to say it didn't last that long,” Kent replied, adding that the other club-goer alerted her “Once [he] knew, like, ‘Oh! She's going to the bathroom, she's, like, hiking [up her skirt], She has no idea that we can see her.’ “

Kent shared that after locking the door, “I stayed in there for a while ’cause I'm like, ‘Everyone's wasted, hopefully they'll forget.’ “

“They'll sit and watch the bathroom for, like, however [long] and then, you know, their Molly will kick in and they'll be off to the races," she said, referring to the nickname for MDMA.

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“I'm never leaving. Done. That's my new home, yes, I'm not leaving that bathroom,” Walter commented, prompting Kent to reply, “It was embarrassing to say the least.” 

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