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Cran-Raspberry is terrible, just terrible. It has a certain medicinal note to it. We'd rather drink lukewarm tap water.

The LaCroix Flavor You've Never Heard Of

There's sparkling water, and then there's LaCroix, the nectar of gods. Boldly flavored but completely unsweetened, this Midwestern-flavored seltzer brand has captured the hearts of millennials and moms alike. With kitschy Miami Beach vibes, zesty flavors, and the whole no-guilt soda thing going for it, it's hardly surprising that this sparkling beverage has gained such a devoted following. It pains us to say this, but for all the hits - and there are many - there are some serious flavor flops as well. In other words, for every Pamplemousse, there's a Cran-Raspberry. Because I care, and at least partially because I wanted an excuse to try every single flavor, I've ranked 20 flavors for you here. Without further ado, here's our the definitive ranking of the best LaCroix flavors.


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