Kylie Minogue: I Was “Self-Conscious” in Those Hot Pants

Kylie Minogue in those hot pants for the music video for 'Spinning Around'

Her cheeky gold hot pants turn in 2000’s “Spinning Around” film clip put her on the map as a sex symbol and relaunched her international career as a pop star.

Yet Kylie Minogue has revealed she felt anything but the sexy, body-confident siren she seemed when dancing on a bar in those famous Lurex briefs.

“I actually wasn’t confident [in them], that’s the crazy thing,” Minogue tells WHO, during a look back at her most iconic costumes. “I remember feeling quite self-conscious and kept wrapping a robe around me on set and would discard [it] right before the take.”

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Today, the vintage hot pants, purchased “for 50 pence at a market” and never intended for the film clip — “I wore them for a ‘Nerds, Tarts and Tourists’ fancy dress party - I’ll leave it to you to imagine which one I went as!” says Minogue — are housed in Melbourne's Performing Arts Museum. “They’ve lost a bit of their shine!”

Her career is shining brighter than ever, with the Melbourne-born singer set to be inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame on Nov. 27. Since rising to fame in the late eighties, she’s sold over 68 million records—and come a long way since the days of big spiral perms and bright rah-rah skirts.

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According to Minogue, “Spinning Around” — hot pants and all — “absolutely, in many, many ways” marked a turning point in her career as both a credible pop singer and fashion icon. “This was the time to come back to bright, shiny pop and celebrate what I do,” she explains.

11 years on, “I think I’ve been obscured, superseded by those hot pants, so I do thank them very much,” says the humble pop princess, “[At the time] I had them altered ever so slightly to fit me a little bit better … and the rest is history!”

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