Kylie Kelce Reveals How She Addresses 'Stranger Danger' with Her Daughters amid Struggles with Rising Fame

The wife of NFL star Jason Kelce is mom to daughters Bennett, 15 months, Elliotte, 3, and Wyatt, 4½

<p>Kylie Kelce/Instagram</p> Kylie Kelce, Jason Kelce, daughters

Kylie Kelce/Instagram

Kylie Kelce, Jason Kelce, daughters

Kylie Kelce never could've predicted that marrying NFL star Jason Kelce would make their family famous.

In an interview with Business Insider, the mom of daughters Bennett, 15 months, Elliotte, 3, and Wyatt, 4½, opened up about the challenges she faces while raising her girls in the public eye.

"I never imagined that Jason and I would be household names in Philadelphia or that strangers would know our kids' names," she said, adding, "It has forced some conversations that I didn't think we would need to have."

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"When we leave the house now and go into public spaces, I tell our daughters that if they don't want to say 'hi' to people, they don't have to," she told the outlet.

Kelce then admitted that while she knows the interactions are all out of love, it's still an important topic for the mom to address with her daughters, who may be confused as to why so many strangers know their names.

"Honestly, it's a very fine line and a blurred line when people approach Jason and me and address the girls by name. And it's no fault of anyone because all of the interactions are based completely on kindness," she explained.

"Still, it is something that I make a point to address with our girls. We talk about 'stranger danger' because being approached by a stranger who knows your name is something I don't think anyone can prepare you for."

"As the girls get older, we're going to keep the lines of communication open so they can talk with us about anything that makes them uncomfortable, including public attention," the mom of three said.

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<p>Lisa Lake/Getty</p> Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce

Lisa Lake/Getty

Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce

Kelce recently spoke to PEOPLE about the family planned to privately spend their Father's Day together.

"I'm actually doing a project with the girls for Father's Day so that we can give them gifts that they have made themselves," she shared a few days before the holiday.

"Not to spoil anything, but there's a lot of rocks at the beach, and our girls are fascinated with rocks. So we're taking some paints down to the beach today and we will hopefully be decorating rocks for Dad that he can keep as tokens of their love."

"Outside of that, we'll do probably just a barbecue. I usually call him off of all dad duties that day. He will most definitely not be changing diapers or helping with potty time," Kelce noted.

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