Kylie Jenner roasted after bragging about her private jets: 'Insane'

Kylie Jenner has been torn apart online after her tone-deaf Instagram post went viral, with some fans labelling the star 'insane'.

Posting a snap of herself and boyfriend Travis Scott hugging in between two private jets, the reality TV star wrote: “You wanna take mine or yours?”

Kylie Jenner hugs her boyfriend Travis Scott in front of two private jets
Kylie Jenner has been ridiculed online after boasting about having two private jets. Photo: Instagram/kyliejenner

Fans erupted on social media, accusing the couple of being out of touch and highlighting the impact that rich people have on the environment.

“Why do I have to limit my meat consumption and use paper straws while the 1% gets to pump tons of carbon into the atmosphere for a day trip to Palm Springs?” one follower commented.

“Rich people unapologetically showing off their contributions to climate change by using private jets [instead of] a 2-hour car ride. Yeah, I would be embarrassed to post this,” another added.


“Kylie Jenner alone with her jet made more Co2 in 6 months than what I’d make in 3 years just by living life normally,” another complained.

“Europe is on fire, meanwhile Kylie Jenner is taking 15-minute trips in her private jet. I could recycle everything, buy all my clothes second-hand, compost and grow my own food for the rest of my life and it wouldn’t even begin to offset the footprint from one of her flights,” a fourth wrote.

An account on Twitter dedicated to recording celebrity private jet trips often posts about Kylie’s travel, and her latest trip sparked outrage.

Screenshot of a Tweet that says Kylie Jenner's Jet landed in Camarillo, California, US. Apx flt time 12 mins, with a screenshot of the flight path and map.
Popular Twitter account Celebrity Jets tracks private flights. Photo: Twitter/celebjets

Flying from Van Nuys in California, the star spent only 12 minutes in the air before landing in Camarillo, also in California. If she had chosen to drive instead, the journey would have taken roughly 45 minutes.

“The 12-minute flight from Van Nuys to Camarillo is actually insane to me. It would take longer to drive to the airport and take that flight than to just drive. My dad’s daily commute is from Calabasas to Camarillo. Make it make sense,” a fan replied.

“Holy sh*t! These people are insane, and they are the f**king problem,” a second added.

“80% of people have never taken a plane and Kylie Jenner is out here taking regular 10-minute flights, 5 flights in the last week under 30 minutes, one was 3 minutes long. Her carbon footprint for one 10-minute flight, is more than some people make in a year,” another pointed out.

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