Kylie Jenner claps back over fundraising criticism: 'False narrative'

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Kylie Jenner has defended herself against the flood of criticism she received after urging her followers to visit a fundraising campaign for makeup artist Samuel Rauda.

The 23-year-old posted a black-and-white photo of Samuel, who was injured in an accident last week, writing, "Everyone take a moment to say a prayer for Sam who got into an accident this past weekend and swipe up to visit his family's GoFundMe."

kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner recevied a lot of backlash for sharing a fundraising link. Photo: Instagram/kyliejenner

However, her request for donations didn't sit so well with plenty of her 222M followers, who found the fact that the cosmetics tycoon and reality star was asking for money to be unseemly since she's worth $900 million, according to Forbes.

On Monday, Kylie responded on her Instagram stories to clear up "this false narrative that I've asked fans for money".

She clarified that Samuel isn't actually her makeup artist and "unfortunately we don’t have a personal relationship anymore."

"I saw my current makeup artist and friend Ariel post about Sam's accident and his family's gofundme... After learning in more detail about the accident it compelled me to visit his gofundme which was set at 10K," she continued.

"They had already raised 6k so I put it in 5k to reach their original goal."


Kylie said she shared the fundraising campaign "on my stories to gain more awareness if anyone also felt compelled to share or donate".

"I don't know how all of this got so twisted but his family has reached out through Ariel and are very appreciative," she said, adding that she does "things from the heart and I try to be helpful whenever I can be."

kylie jenner responds on instagram to gofundme backlash
Kylie Jenner took to her Instagram to hit back at critics. Photo: Instagram/kyliejenner

The makeup artist was injured in an unspecified accident, according to the GoFundMe page organised by his family. He underwent "major surgery" on March 14, and "has a long road to recovery ahead of him."

"Anyone who knows Samuel can say he is the most loving and kind person you could ever meet! He has a big heart and doesn’t hesitate to help someone in need. When you are having a rough day, he certainly knows how to make you laugh and turn that frown upside down," the page reads. 

"At this moment, he needs our support and prayers more than ever."

kylie jenner and samuel gofundme page
Kylie Jenner shared a link to the family's fundraising page. Photos: Getty/Instagram

Plenty of people, however, were quick to criticise the beauty mogul on Twitter.

"Kylie Jenner bought her toddler a $15,000 handbag but is asking her fans for money," one person wrote.

"Kylie Jenner makes almost half a million dollars everyday and she is still asking her relatively poor fans to pay for her friends $60,000 medical bills? Eat the rich," another said.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Despite the backlash, and with a push from the extra publicity around the trending criticism, Samuel's fund has surpassed its initial fundraising goal of US$10,000. 

The GoFundMe page is currently close to $100,000 ($128K AUD) with a revised $120,000 goal.

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