Kristin Davis: 'I Feel So Blessed'

Kristin Davis

The Sex and the City actress opens up to WHO about why she decided to become a single mum at 46
Just as her Sex and the City character, Charlotte, adopted a daughter, life has now imitated art for Kristin Davis, 46, confirming on Oct. 7 that she adopted Gemma, whose birthdate hasn’t been made public, in the US a few months ago.

“I feel so blessed,” Davis told WHO in an exclusive new interview during which the actress opened up about the joys – and the challenges – of raising a child as a single mum.

“It’s nice to be with someone, but I don’t think you need to be in a relationship to feel complete,” Davis shared about her decision to adopt alone. “There are many different ways to do it,” she added about motherhood.

As for whether Gemma will one day have siblings Davis, who was adopted herself as a toddler by her stepfather and is an only child, says she’s just enjoying living life in the moment with her new baby girl swaddled close.