How Krew Boylan's 'Sando' role is like no other

Anita Lyons
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Aussie actress Krew Boylan is arguably most famous for her role in Schapelle, the mini series made for TV about the arrest and subsequent trial of Schapelle Corby.

However, the mother-of-one’s role in TV comedy Sando, is nothing like she’s played before.

Krew Boylan plays Susie in the show, ‘Sando’, pictured here with her on-screen fiancee Firass Durani. This was her first foray into Aussie TV comedy. Source: ABC

“It’s been really fun,” Krew told Be in an exclusive chat. “I haven’t done a comedy for TV and it was just so much fun to do.”

The role she plays (Susie) is the daughter of titular character Sando (Sascha Horler) and is portrayed as the more uptight person in her dysfunctional TV family.

Krew is best known for her role in the biopic, Schapelle. Source: Getty

So, the best thing about this role for Krew, is that it’s completely relatable to real life for the audience.

“Susie is more the straight one and gives the ‘audience point of view’ that ‘my family is crazy’,” she said.

“There are a lot of challenges that she goes through. With her mum, her husband, her issues with her brother, and so she’s faced with some funny storylines.”

Krew (pictured here with TV family) had a lot of fun playing such a different role to what she is used to acting in. Source: ABC

These comedic roots are a far-cry from the roles that the National Institute of Dramatic Art graduate is used to playing.

Of course there was Schapelle, but there was also Lynne Randell in the biopic, Molly.

Krew played 1960s English/Australian pop star Lynne Randell in the biopic ‘Molly’. Source: M4 Entertainment Production

Krew played the English Australian Pop singer who was PA to Molly Meldrum in the 60s and was addicted to methamphetamine-based slimming pills – another deep dark path for the actress.

So how did the actress, who had studied the technique of Lee Strasberg’s ‘method acting’, get into these dark roles?

“You go through the audition process, you start to really figure out who this person is or how you’d get the part,” Krew said.

“When you’re playing someone that’s a real person, and especially one that’s had so much publicity, like some of those things with Schapelle and Lynne Randell, they’re so famous and so well covered by media, you really want to make sure you’re doing it justice.”

Krew’s comedic prowess can be seen on the first season of Sando, out now on DVD.

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