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'I can see!' Shoppers say this $14 eyeglass cleaning kit gets lenses 'crystal clear'

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If you, like many of us, have four eyes, then you likely try to wipe smudges from your glasses with whatever is nearby: the edge of your shirt, a Kleenex, or water and a hand towel. But instead of getting shiny, clear lenses, you end up with...worse smudges. A much better way to disappear dirt, oil, smears and tiny specks of lint is the megapopular Koala Eyeglass Lens Cleaner kit. This Amazon bestseller includes three bottles of alcohol-free cleaner and three microfiber cloths, all for just $14 (was $15). Keep one set at home, one in the car and one in your handbag.

Koala Lifestyle
Have streak-free glasses for years to come with this mega-popular mega-kit. Includes three bottles of gentle, effective cleaner and three microfiber cloths, and it's made in the U.S.A.
$14 at Amazon does an eyeglass cleaning kit from a small business earn over 31,300 five-star fans and No. 1 Bestseller status on Amazon? By being awesome, it seems. Shoppers say the Koala Eyeglass Lens Cleaner Spray Kit "works like a charm!"

And you get three bottles! "I’m able to have cleaner at work, in my car/purse, and at home," wrote a five-star fan. "Glasses always come out crystal clear!"

"I've worn glasses since first grade, and this is the best cleaner I've ever used!!!" wrote another elated reviewer. "I've worn glasses for over 50 years and have cleaned the lenses with ... Windex, soap and water, Lens Crafters solution, alcohol.... Koala Kleaner is the best I've ever used. One spray on each lens side, wipe with the Koala cloth and the glasses are sparkling clean with no streaks.... I am one happy eyeglass wearer!"

Safe and effective

Koala's nontoxic solution is made with ultra-purified water and it's VOC (volatile organic compound)- and fragrance-free. This makes it a safe choice for the whole fam.

One fan said, "Made my glasses look brand-new! This stuff is amazing. No smudges or lint fuzzies. Dries fast. No chemical smell...We are a family of seven, and all of us wear glasses. This is the best product I have found in a long time."

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We have a few questions about this scenario: How is he going to reach the top of the lens? Wouldn't a squeegee be the way to go? But we have no questions at all about the smartness of this deal. (Photo: Getty)

Cleans better

Many reviewers state that Koala's cleaning solution is better than what they get from their ophthalmologist's office or eyewear shop. The dense weave of the Japanese microfiber cloth only enhances the power of this alcohol-free cleanser.

"No streaks, no smudges, no haze, better than alcohol cleaners," reported a five-star reviewer. "I have always used alcohol-based cleaners because that's what the eye doctor tells you to use. However, the alcohol cleaners always left a haze afterward.... I am overly impressed with Koala eyeglass cleaner. Clean, clear, no haze, no smudges after using the cleaner."

"I can see!" raved a grateful shopper. "Love this cleaner. What I had from the eye doctor left smudges and took forever to get a clear view in my glasses. This product works wonderfully!"

Not just for eyeglasses

This kit is designed to clean pretty much anything you might put over your eyes — prescription eyewear, blue-light glasses, sunnies, virtual reality gear, even cameras and devices.

A fan raved: "Safe for ALL lenses; eyeglasses, cell phones, computers, cameras, etc. Streak free/no alcohol/no ammonia. I love the fine mist spray and the lint-free microfiber cloths. I'm loving the clear vision and clean devices!"

"Wow! This stuff works incredibly well," gushed another. "[I used ] Zeiss spray cleaner for my eyeglasses, camera and binocular lenses for a couple of years, and I thought it did a decent job until I noticed that it wasn't getting the streaks off my year-old eyeglasses for whatever reason. I decided to try the Koala products after reading the good reviews, and man, this really delivers. For the last three weeks, it has cleaned my glasses to the point they look like new lenses. No smudging, no glaring, and no residue left over. Just optically clear lenses every time."

Support small business

When you purchase this Koala kit you not only get a product that finally cleans your glasses fully, but you'll also support a small business that makes products with care in small batches in New York.

"I love supporting small businesses and this lens cleaner is fantastic!" said another pleased shopper. "Shipping was prompt and packaging was great!"

Koala Lifestyle
Have streak-free glasses for years to come with this mega-popular mega-kit. Includes three bottles of gentle, effective cleaner and three microfiber cloths, and it's made in the U.S.A.
$14 at Amazon

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