What You Need To Know About Pie Wine From Shark Tank

Pie Wine cans and pizza
Pie Wine cans and pizza - Instagram

What does the name "Pie Wine" evoke for you? Is it some sickly sweet vino artificially-flavored to mimic apple, blueberry, or cherry? Maybe it's a wine for mathematicians, a reference to the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. But then, that'd be pi without an e. Foodie super sleuths may have figured out that to discern what this wine is, you have to expand your definition of pie beyond the sweet pastry to the beloved savory pizza pie.

The world's first wine made specifically to pair with pizza, Pie Wine is a relatively-new canned alcoholic beverage (the company was founded in 2022) making its television debut on the September 29 episode of ABC's "Shark Tank." This labor of love from pizza-appreciating friends Josh Green and Kevin Klein bills itself as a "sweet and slightly sparkling wine created as the official drink of pizza," according to the company's website. Pie Wine has been gearing up for its national TV appearance across its social media channels, counting down the days until Green and Klein, who is a morning DJ with LA radio station KROQ, can make their big pitch to the famously-fickle "sharks."

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Pie Wine's Three Styles

Three varieties of Pie Wine
Three varieties of Pie Wine - Instagram

Pie Wine is no monolith. The company could have come out of the gate with one wine it feels is perfectly suited to all pizza. But just as pizza comes in a range of styles, strewn with various sauces, cheese, and toppings, so too does Pie Wine come in different styles. The three wines are all made from California-grown grapes, and each intended to accentuate and elevate the variety of flavors expressed by different pizzas. The "dry, robust" white wine is inspired by Italy, and is intended for enjoyment with lighter pizzas, such as pizza bianca or a primavera pizza loaded with vegetables. Pie Wine's sweet wine features fruity notes and enough balance for pies with a bit more heft, like a classic pizza Margherita. And for those who prefer a pie that has a meaty richness, the "sweet and savory" red wine is bold enough to stand up to robust toppings like sausage and prosciutto.

What's more, Pie Wine is meant to pair with more than just the pizza itself. It is designed as the perfect accompaniment to the celebratory and communal nature of pizza. The company implores consumers to "cherish memorable moments with friends and family over pizza and Pie Wine, a pairing that not only enhances your meal but also enriches your connections and shared experiences."

Pie Wine's Big Year

Woman with pizza and Pie Wine
Woman with pizza and Pie Wine - Instagram

Pie Wine is indeed set to make its national media debut on the September 29 episode of "Shark Tank," but the founders have been hitting the rounds to get their beverage into the hands of people who make pizza decisions across the world. Klein and Green, who is also the CFO of virtual reality video game developer Survios, brought their product to the 2023 International Pizza Expo held in March in Las Vegas, which also featured such novelties as pizza-assembling robots and table-top pizza ovens. Restaurant owners, pizza chain executives, and more were able to take in Pie Wine's energetically-designed cans as well as taste the three semi-sparkling wines.

For those looking to get their hands on a can, four-pack, or 12-pack of Pie Wine, you will have to wait. The product has not yet been released for sale to the public, restaurants, or retailers just yet. But the company is taking pre-sale orders on their website, and offering free shipping on all orders over $60, which is conveniently the cost of a 12-pack of any of the three flavors. Until then, check out Pie Wine on ABC's "Shark Tank" September 29 at 8 p.m. ET.

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