Knives Out's Rian Johnson gives exciting update on third movie

Knives Out creator Rian Johnson has provided an exciting update on the third movie, with the director confirming that the wheels are in motion.

The mystery series follows Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc as he solves crimes, with the original 2019 film being followed by Glass Onion last year.

The success of the first two films has led to high anticipation for a third film, and Johnson has provided an update for the follow-up, teasing that he has now conceived the machinations of his next whodunit.

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“It’s coming along,” he told The Wrap. “I obviously couldn’t work during the strike, and now that it’s over, I’m diving in full force. I’ve got the premise, I’ve got the setting, I’ve got what the movie is in my head. It’s just a matter of writing the damn thing.”

Whilst a third film is still a while away, Johnson has previously spoken about the marketing ploy for the franchise, which saw Glass Onion released with the ‘A Knives Out Mystery’ subtitle.

The director, who also directed Looper and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, intimated that this could change for future instalments, with the widespread success leading to greater familiarity amongst audiences.

“I totally get it. It's not like this was done against my will or something. I completely understand it,” he told The Filmcast. “After the first movie, I think people knew that they liked Knives Out [but] they didn't necessarily know it well enough to know who Benoit Blanc was.

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“I think that would've gotten blank stares. And I wanted everyone who loved Knives Out to know that [Glass Onion] is the next one of those. So I absolutely 100% was on board and totally got it that we had to do that."

He added: “With the reach of Netflix and just how many more people I feel like have seen it and how much more it feels like it's actually in the culture, we're getting closer to being able to get away with A Benoit Blanc Mystery and people would know what we're talking about.”

Knives Out is available to rent or buy on DVD, Blu-ray or as a digital download. Its sequel Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is streaming on Netflix.

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