$2 Kmart squeegee hack leaving vacuums for dust

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The window squeegee hack has left people 'shook'. Photo: Facebook.

A cheap, quick and easy hack for cleaning carpets is leaving vacuums for dust - literally. The ‘window squeegee’ hack, as it’s known online, has savvy homeowners ‘shook’ with just how well it removes dirt, dust and pet hair that vacuum cleaners can’t.

It’s so impressive that one woman has taken to a private Facebook group to share the ‘aftermath’ of her successful window squeegee attempt that’s left her questioning the sucking power of her vacuum.

“Well I’m shook. Tried the window squeegee hack on my carpet (after vacuuming) and this is the aftermath. Can you tell I have a grey fluffy cat? Definitely investing in a better vacuum ASAP!” she wrote.

This Kmart window squeegee costs $2. Photo: Kmart.

Her squeaky clean carpet comes at a very affordable cost, too - it looks like she’s using a $2 squeegee from Kmart.

What is the window squeegee hack?

So, what is the window squeegee hack and how do you do it? It involves sweeping the rubber part of a dry squeegee firmly over the carpet, allowing the rubber to pick up hair, dust, lint and more trapped deep in the carpet fibres.

“Basically just push the squeegee into your carpet forwards and it pulls up all the animal fur/dust that’s in your carpet,” the woman explained to a curious commenter.

Comments on the window squeegee hack. Photo: Facebook.

Others hopped in the comments to share their reactions to the revolutionary cleaning method.

“I do this on our carpet near our ensuite, it’s amazing what it pulls up - mainly my hair,” wrote one.

“Life changer!” said another.

Others were dismayed with the state of their own carpets, now they were made aware of how much gunk was trapped underfoot.

“Ugh... now I’m going to be thinking about how gross my floor rug is. I've decided my next dog is going to be bald,” wrote one.

“Looks like you have a whole new cat!” joked another about the amount of fur the squeegee picked up.

Comments on the window squeegee hack. Photo: Facebook.
Comments on the window squeegee hack. Photo: Facebook.

Another commenter said they get the same result as the window squeegee using a $2 pair of thongs while another piped in that it doubles as a ‘great thigh workout’.

Comments on the window squeegee hack. Photo: Facebook.

The window squeegee hack seems to have kicked off back in February thanks to UK ‘queen of clean’ Sophie ‘Mrs Hinch’ Hinchliffe who shared the tip on with her 3 million Instagram followers.

Pretty soon, Sophie’s fans were sharing photos of their squeegee-ed carpets - and their disgust at how dirty they were beforehand.

“Always thought we had clean carpets but after using @mrshinchhome tip to squeegee the carpet - all this pet hair come up - disgusted is an understatement,” wrote @together_at_home.

Before (left) and after the window squeegee hack as shown by @together_at_home. Photo: Instagram/together_at_home.

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