Warning over popular $1 Kmart item after mum's fail

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Halloween is coming up and that means Kmart fans are flocking to the popular store to nab themselves some discount treats and spooky dress up items.

However, this mum found herself regretting one of her purchases, taking to social media to warn other parents about a popular $1 Kmart item sure to be flying off the shelves for Halloween.

"Melbourne, Australia - August 19, 2012: Kmart is an internationally recognised discount retailer. Here is the carpark and entrance to the 24 hour store in Burwood, Melbourne."
Kmart has a host of bargain Halloween items on offer. Photo: Getty

“Don’t, I repeat don’t, put this fake blood on your kids’ faces for Halloween,” she wrote on a popular Kmart Facebook page about Kmart’s fake blood tube.

“Damn thing stains like a mofo.”


She shared a photo of her hand completely stained red, after testing out the product on a window first.

kmart fake blood fail
This mum couldn't get the fake blood off her hand. Photo: Facebook

According to Kmart’s website, “your young ones can dress up like the perfect vampire this Halloween using this fake blood.”

But it seems some parent might disagree, with many sharing they had already been caught out by the exact same item.

“We made this mistake and the kids had to miss some days off school,” one parent commented.

“I used it on my daughter’s face last year lol big mistake haha poor kid,” another replied.

While a third said: “We stopped using it before the kids started school because I hated scrubbing it off.”

kmart fake blood
The fake blood tube is only $1. Photo: Kmart

In order to remove the product Kmart writes: “Wash off gently using warm soapy water do not attempt to scrub off repeatedly with soap and detergent as this could damage your delicate skin.”

Others shared their own hacks for getting the colour off their skin, including using fake tan remover or coconut oil.

“Cornstarch, water and a drop or 2 of food colouring work better and easier to clean, learnt that lesson the hard way lol,” one mum wrote.

“Try baby shampoo, works wonders getting fake tan stains off hands,” another suggested.

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