'Buzz kill': Kmart shoppers lose it over hilarious candle fail

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A Kmart shopper has shared a hilarious production fail she spotted after buying a set of vanilla-scented tealight candles from the popular store.

Taking to a popular group on Facebook, the shopper shared an image of the suspect buy, along with the post: "Umm Kmart just wondering if this is one of those mystic candles that releases my inner goddess and awakens my primitive warrior viking?? Wrong answers only."

tealight candles from Kmart with fly
This set of vanilla-scented tealight candles from Kmart had something extra. Photo: Facebook

The 30 Pack of Vanilla Fragrant Tealight Candles will only set you back $2.50, but one of the candles in this particular batch included an unwanted addition.

It looks to be a black fly that made its way into the wax during the production process, and the discovery sparked a flurry of hilarious responses on the post, which has racked up over 1000 likes.

"Pretty fly for a Kmart buy!" on person quipped.


"These will fly off the shelves," another alluded to popular Kmart cult buys, which can sometimes be hard to get your hands on.

While another wrote: "Bit of a buzz kill!"

K-mart on Rundle Mall, Adelaide
Kmart shoppers have shared a host of hilarious fails online. Photo: Getty

Some went further, making up potential uses for the 'unique' candle.

"It's the new scent Fly-nilla they're experimenting with in random packets," was one comment.

And one of our personal favourites: "Emergency date candle. Deploys fly to get rid of unwanted guest." Genius!

"That's the Marty McFly Scent, makes you go back to the future," was another of the hundreds of comments.

A few of Kmart's products have been known to include a bit of a fail every now and then - one of the pitfalls of mass production. Earlier this year, one shopper spotted a pet toy that wasn't quite right.

“When you have an extra ear instead of an arm," the woman wrote in a Kmart group on Facebook,sharing a photo of the Plush Long Monkey pet toy.

And around March, a mum shared an bit of a X-rated fail in a Kmart Easter product.

The woman had picked up the $1 bag of shredded paper to decorate her child's hat for the upcoming Easter parade. It was all very cute and wholesome until she discovered that the bag contained a piece of pink confetti in the shape of... well... a male body part that's usually kept under wraps.

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