Kmart shopper in stitches over hilarious discovery: ‘Made my day’

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A Kmart shopper has taken to social media to share a hilarious find in their recent bedroom purchase.

Posting in a popular Kmart group on Facebook, Julie said she couldn’t help but laugh at the instructions for her King Bed Euro Top Pocket Spring Mattress.

Kmart mattress.
Julie said she’s in love with her mattress and enjoyed the amusing instructions. Photo: Kmart

“Thought I’d take a risk and buy a mattress from Kmart,” she began the post.

“It arrived today and I can say I’m totally in love with it. It is so much more comfortable than our couple grand mattress. The instructions were a laugh too.”


While the instructions essentially tell shoppers that they need to be careful when unrolling the mattress, it’s the way that they’re written that has people giggling.

“This mattress knows Kung fu and may unroll itself at lightning speed,” it reads. “Keep small pets and children free from its kick radius.”

Kmart mattress instructions.
Kmart shoppers couldn’t help but laugh at the instructions. Photo: Kmart

Further instructions continue to personify the mattress, insisting that shoppers shouldn’t criticise the product to make it feel bad.

“Your mattress has been under a lot of pressure recently and may lash out if not unwrapped carefully, please give him/her some space,” it says.

“Also, please be sensitive if your mattress has an odour after being set free. Being sealed in plastic on a long trip can make anyone a little fragrant.

“So no harsh words about the smell for a few hours. You wouldn’t want to offend your new best friend.”

Kmart mattress instructions.
The instructions tell shoppers to “be sensitive” to the mattress’ smell. Photo: Facebook

Shoppers took to the comments to applaud the instructions, with many saying that they were “hilarious”.

“This made my day,” one person shared.

“Love it when instructions come with a dose of humour,” another added, with a third writing, “smart marketing”.

“I think I actually just peed from laughter,” someone else admitted.

The viral post comes shortly after another shopper shared their unfortunate yet humorous mishap with the same mattress.

“When unfolding the mattress, make sure nobody is in firing range,” a review on Kmart’s website reads. “My husband didn’t read instructions (shocking I know) and my son got Kung Fu kicked across the room as the mattress expanded.

“I checked to make sure he was okay before laughing until I almost wet my pants.”

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