Kmart hack saves Aussie mum over $1200 on chic coffee table

Updating your home can be expensive, but with a little imagination, Perth interior design student Lyla was able to save over $1200 on a designer coffee table.

"Thought I’d share my Kmart hack," the mum of two wrote in a Kmart décor group on Facebook.

"I was inspired by something I saw and thought to myself I can make that for so much less so I bought two of the Kmart ribbed side tables and sanded back this old table and bam - there she is."

The designer look table made from a second-hand coffee table and two Kmart side tables. Photo: Supplied
Perth mum Lyla created a designer look table from a second-hand coffee table and two Kmart side tables. Photo: Supplied

The former Fly-In-Fly-Out worker replaced the legs of a second-hand coffee table she got off Facebook Marketplace with two $45 Ribbed Side Tables from Kmart.

She then sanded back and bleached the wood for a stunning final result.

Lyla spent around $120 in parts and equipment to get the look she wanted for the table.


The group loved the finished result with over 3500 likes and 300 comments!

"Amazing transformation!" one group member commented.

"Well done! That is very creative and beautiful," another wrote, while a third added: "Holy moley that’s awesome!! It’s absolutely gorgeous!"

Two shots of the finished coffee table. Photo: Supplied
The end result looked stunning in her living room. Photo: Supplied

It was a designer coffee table that was reduced from $2,039 to $1,225 that inspired Lyla to see if she could create something similar.

"I’m currently studying Interior Decoration so finding sustainable ways to design a space is where a lot of my inspiration comes from and what I’ve been learning along the way," she told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I didn’t want to throw out the oval coffee table we had and I'd seen a gorgeous coffee table online but the price for what I wanted was just ridiculous.

"I honestly thought I can do that easily and for under $100," she continued. "I sanded the old table back then bleached the wood with normal house bleach, took the old legs off.

"I wanted to find a way to do the rounded legs with ribbed profiled wood sheet but it was going to cost too much along with the rest of the materials. I had seen the side tables in Kmart a while ago so bought two which were perfect. I glued and screwed them to the tabletop."

A screenshot of the original designer table marked down from $2000 to $1225
The table that inspired Lyla was over $1,000 even on special! Photo: Supplied

She loved the results, but wasn't expecting such a positive response on Facebook.

"I didn’t expect so many to love it, I was so overwhelmed by all the beautiful comments and even more proud of what I did because so many wanted to give it a go themselves," she said. "It just goes to show you can have the same look for a fraction of the price."

She didn't just save money either, she also made a profit from it.

"I actually sold the coffee table today for $300," she revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle. "Hubby now wants me to try make a round ottoman for the space now!

"I'll see what I can see that I like in the stores and then try to create something as close as possible to it," she added.

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