Kmart's home office staple shoppers are using in their kitchens

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Savvy Kmart shoppers have been using an item normally found in the office section of the store to help tidy up the kitchen instead.

One woman shared her way of organising her oven trays in a Kmart hacks group on Facebook, revealing she used a version of the popular Kmart file holder to stack them.

“Used an old Kmart Office stand for my Cupcake, Slice Trays. Not all in yet... Saved throwing it away,” she captioned the image, which quickly attracted hundreds of likes.

A Kmart file holder used for oven trays instead. Photo: Facebook

“Awesome idea! 100% doing this too to clear up the clutter,” one person commented.

“Love it. Absolute stealing it,” another agreed.

Meanwhile others shared their own images using the trick to help organise everything from pot and pan lids to chopping boards.

“I do something similar with my pots and pans lids,” one shopper wrote, sharing their own photo.

Another shopper stores her pot lids in a file holder. Photo: Facebook

Something plenty were keen to try.

“OMG thank you. This is perfect. Need one for chopping boards, cupcake trays and flat trays. Thanks for a great idea.”

Kmart has suffered a severe stock shortage due to COVID-19. Photo: Getty

The nifty trick comes after Kmart issued an apology to customers over empty shelves.

Frustrated shoppers had began sharing photos of empty shelves on social media, after the retailer revealed they wouldn't be able to restock until July.

Much of the stock is made in China and therefore has been unable to ship to Australia due to the coronavirus pandemic.

John Gualtieri, the Retail Director of Kmart Australia and New Zealand, said via email saying the retailer is "so sorry to disappoint" customers who are unable to find what they're looking for.

“You may have noticed (or heard) about some of the stock impacts we're experiencing here at Kmart; and I wanted to take the opportunity to address this topic head-on; answering some of the frequently asked questions I'm hearing, whilst giving our Kmart communities as much transparency as possible about stock availability, both instore and online.”

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