Kmart fan shares 'greatest idea' ever for parents in lockdown

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A Kmart fan has taken to Facebook to share a lockdown tip for parents with young children who enjoy painting.

"Painting inside with the kiddies?" she wrote in a Facebook group. "Pro-tip put down a puppy pee pad first. It’s absorbent like newspaper but doesn’t seep through and when you’re done just roll it up and put it in the bin, no messy clean up!"

Painting with puppy pee pad
One Kmart fan has shared how she uses puppy pee pads to keep things clean when her young children are painting at home. Photo: Facebook

"I also use these on the change table!" she added.

Other Kmart fans were quick to comment on the tip with one user dubbing it the "greatest idea ever".

"Game changer," another added.

"That's such a good idea. I use these on the change table also," a third commented.

"This is genius," someone else wrote.


Other people shared their own ideas with one user writing, "I used to use the thick plastic tablecloths you can get by the metre at Spotlight.

"Used to use them for painting, craft, play dough, fold up and stick in the car for picnics so the rugs don’t get covered in burs or dirt. I still have them 30 yrs later. Still use them. And will probably get them out for the grandkids when I have some."

"I used to line my shower walls with paper and let my kids paint in there," another shared. "When they were done the paper came off and the paint washed away with a shower to clean kids too... Especially great in summer."

Some users shamed the poster for not choosing to use a reusable option, to which she responded, "With respect to anyone worried about waste/landfill please don’t assume you know what people do to reduce their carbon footprint and educate their children.

"I for example live in a rural community, I am a vegetarian, grow my own vegetables, create my own compost, live 100% off the grid with all of our water (water tanks for all water use and an absorption trench septic tank for all plumbing), in the process of installing solar panels for electricity, make my own cleaning supplies and I am an avid up-cycler of furniture who also donates all unwanted items so as not to have them end up at the tip and also use re-useable sanitary items."

She added that she is only human and tries to do the right thing but sometimes needs to use the convenient option.

"I can very easily assume due to my above stated ‘Reduce, re-use, recycle’ efforts that I have a lot less of a carbon footprint than others however I won’t because I don’t know anyone else’s personal circumstances," she said.

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