Shoppers are raving about this $65 'genius' Kmart storage unit

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Shoppers are loving this Kmart storage unit. Photo: Facebook

When it comes to organising the scattered shoes, bags, and jackets that most likely litter your hallway or entryway at home, a clever solution available at Kmart has shoppers raving online.

The Entryway storage unit with bench is available at the discount department store for $65 and people all over the country have taken to Facebook to share photos of the ‘genius’ storage shelf - that’s if they’ve been able to get their hands on one.

“Got one before it even hit the shelves!...going out on shelves tomorrow, but will grab from out the back if you ask,” one happy mum wrote, alongside a photo of her final set up.

“Literally half of Australia got this,” another customer mused.

“This shelf unit is actually genius,” a third agreed.

“Finally this space doesn’t look so bare,” wrote another satisfied shopper alongside an image.

One mum shared her set up online. Photo: Facebook

Some went to great lengths to try and find one for themselves if their local store was sold out.

“Drove an hour for this baby,” was one comment, with others sharing photos of which stores still have stock left on the shelves.

Some still in stock in Blacktown, NSW. Photo: Facebook

The unit itself can only be bought instore and is not available online, but you can get it delivered.

With its shelves, hooks, bench, and shoe rack, it will definitely have your hallway tidied up in no time.

Now to just teach every member of the household where things go.

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