Mum's warning after horror infection from Kmart children's earrings

Kristine Tarbert
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Warning graphic images

Chanelle had to take her daughter to hospital after buying Kmart earrings. Photo: Supplied/Chanelle

A mum has shared horrendous photos online after her young daughter had a severe reaction to a pair of Kmart children’s earrings.

Chanelle shared images of her daughter’s ears in a group on Facebook explaining she ended up having to take her to the hospital.

“My goal it to raise awareness so no one else’s child goes through this,” Chanelle tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“She only wore these for about a week after one of her old sleepers got lost. She just started school this year, and I didn’t want her going to kindergarten with one earring. I came across the Kmart kids earrings and got them as a cheap last-minute alternative. I had no idea of the reaction they could cause.

She shared the graphic images on social media. Photos: Facebook

Posting in the group Chanelle revealed she had to take her five-year-old daughter to hospital, and doctors had to help remove the backing of the earring which was stuck in her ear.

“This has never happened before with any other earring she has used. Please stay away from these or be very, very careful!,” she wrote.

The earrings she purchased were a set of $3 children’s studs from Kmart, however after hearing other people share their own horror stories, Chanelle is aware the same thing can happen with any cheap brand of jewellery.

“My goal is to bring more awareness to what can happen, so that no other parent makes the same mistake. This isn’t just a Kmart issue, it can happen with any cheap earring,” she tells us.

Chanelle purchased this cheap set of earrings. Photo: Kmart

People were shocked by how bad the young girl’s ear ended up after wearing the earrings, but also stressed that this was a regular occurrence with most cheaper jewellery brands.

“They’re only made to be worn a couple of hours for a function then taken straight out,” one person pointed out.

“Cheap earrings usually are only occasional earrings,” another added.

Many also shared their well wishes for Chanelle’s daughter.

“Poor darling, I hope she is ok,” was one response.

“This is terrible,” another wrote.

Doctors had to remove part of the earring. Photo: Supplied/Chanelle

Doctors were able to remove the stray piece of earring and have told the mum to keep the area clean, monitor the redness, and take her back to hospital if it was to spread.

“She is doing much better now and the healing seems to be coming along. She definitely won’t be using any earrings for a while now,” Chanelle says.

“This has been a massive wake-up call to how risky children’s earrings can be. If she ever is to wear earrings again in the future I’ll definitely be sticking to sleepers from the jeweller”

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Kmart for comment.

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