$9 Kmart buy solves common fridge dilemma: 'Great idea'

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A Kmart shopper has shared the clever way she solved a common annoyance when it comes to keeping sauce bottles or condiments jars in the fridge.

Taking to a popular Kmart hacks group on Facebook, the woman wrote: "Made a lazy Susan for my condiments in the fridge with the Kmart storage turntable."

kmart fridge sauce storage hack
A woman shared her Kmart sauce storage hack online. Photos: Facebook

The storage turntable in question costs just $9 from Kmart and is 8cm x 29cm in size.

Plenty of people commented on the post calling it a "great idea".


"This is a great idea. I always forget about jars of jam that make it to the back of the fridge," one person mused.

"That's cool," was another response, while a third person simply wrote: "I need!"

kmart storage turntable
The Storage turntable is just $9. Photo: Kmart

Others suggested the idea also comes in handy for organising pantry or kitchen cupboard storage.

"I have this one for my kitchen cabinet too and love it," was one comment.

"We need these for the pantry," another eager shopper wrote.

Funnily enough, one thing that seemed to have escaped any mention in this post was the age-old sauce in the fridge or pantry argument.

Indeed people had a completely different reaction, when earlier in the week an Aldi shopper shared a snap of her pantry that sparked a heated debate on the topic.

The woman took to the Aldi Mums group to share a photo of the new lights she had installed in her pantry from the supermarket, but most people were drawn to the fact there was tomato sauce in the pantry.

"Who keeps tomato sauce in the pantry?" one user questioned

"Who doesn't?" another replied.

"We have always kept sauces in the pantry ever since I can remember... We are all still alive," someone else wrote.

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