$2 Kmart hack sparks frenzy online: 'I need one!'

Kristine Tarbert
·Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
·2-min read

A mum has caused a frenzy among avid home cooks after sharing a video of a bargain Kmart product she uses to make burger patties at home - and they are perfect every time.

The Kmart Burger Press is just $1.50 from the popular store and according to the shoppers leaves ‘no mess’.

Kmart burger press
The Kmart Burger Press is causing a stir online. Photo: Kmart

“My Kmart hack.... burger press to make hamburgers but with NO MESS,” she captioned the clip of her demonstrating how to use it.

“Make individual patties wrapped ready to freeze or cook with!!!”

The handy little device is available in four colours in store or on the Kmart website and according to the product description gives you “even and perfectly round burger patties”.

The post quickly received thousands of likes, with plenty of people admitting they had no idea these were available at Kmart.

“Thanks for the idea,” was one comment.

“This hack is awesome,” another agreed.

“Wow, I never knew they sold this, thanks,” one person admitted.

While a fourth wondered if one could use the press for anything else: “Would be good to make fritters, and homemade potato hash browns!”

perfect burger patty hack
The Kmart product promise perfect patties every time. Photo: Getty

A few people also shared their disappointment at having shelled out significantly more to purchase a similar device from the popular Tupperware brand.

“That’s soooo awesome. I have a Tupperware one purchased for about $60,” one person revealed.

“I didn’t know they sold them. I could have saved the trouble of getting a Tupperware one,” another said.

But not everyone was sold, with a few people pointing out that it might take more time to make burger patties this way.

“Saw these still think they’re pointless, like actually tell me how this saves time?” one asked.

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