Woman's hilarious x-rated Kmart find

Kristine Tarbert
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A woman has revealed a rather awkward toy found at Kmart. Photo: Getty

A woman has shared the “funniest and weirdest” item she has ever seen in a shop, after spotting an unusual toy during a recent trip to Kmart.

Taking to a Facebook group for Kmart hacks, the woman posted a photo of the $3 toy, after she came across the item while at the shop with her mother.

“Stretchy Banana! No joke!” she wrote alongside the image of the item, which at first glance could be taken for something rather rude.

She shared an image of the toy online. Photo: Facebook

“Funniest and weirdest thing I have seen in a shop,” she continued. “It definitely tested my tactile defences.”

She explained the toy was “really stretchy” and felt like it had some kind of beads inside.

“I highly recommend finding it in your local store to see what you think,” she added.

“We had to give it to the lady at Kmart to find the code to pay, her face was priceless too.”

Plenty of others laughed at the banana sensory toy, which can also be purchased online.

“For external use only,” one person quipped.

“Stick a bullet vibrator in it and it’s a toy for adults too!” another added.

While another said, “Best $3 you’ll ever spend,” alongside images of the toy in even stranger shapes.

It can be pulled into all shapes and sizes. Photo: Facebook
And even resemble some other awkward things. Photo: Facebook

And it’s not the first Kmart toy that’s left customers in stitches.

The department store copped some serious flak online over this seemingly innocent llama toy. The $7 ‘plush dog toy’ is described on the retailer’s website as being ‘your furry pal’s favourite plaything’.

And back in March, one mother got the fright of her life back in March when her daughter showed her a brown, long, squishy toy.

It turns out the toy was meant to resemble a human finger.

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