Kmart transformation of $39 item stuns: 'Absolutely beautiful!'

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When Jade Mitchell shared her hack of the Kmart 14 Piece Wooden Tree House on a Facebook page for other Kmart enthusiasts, her magical transformation blew members away.

Jade converted the already sweet tree house into a whimsical fairy garden any child would be enchanted by.

The original bare treeshouse is pictured at left, and at right, it has been decorated with faux turf, flowers and painted. Figurines complete the transformation.
Jade created a wonderful fairy house from the Kmart tree house. Photo: Kmart/Supplied

People were floored by her creative makeover, with oner person writing: "Wow. You should sell them. I would buy one for sure."

"Always amazed at some people's vision," another said.

"Absolutely beautiful," a third wrote, summing up most people's reaction to the transformation.

Jade's work inspired others.

"I love this! Such a cute idea," a follower said.

"I’ve had a treehouse in the cupboard that we bought months ago on clearance!

"You have inspired me to have a go."


A toy Kmart tree house has stairs, swings, bench seats, tables and a sloping roof.
This Kmart tree house is just $39 and full of potential, as one crafty mum proves. Photo: Kmart

World of whimsy

Jade has been creating whimsical worlds in everything from teacups and bell jars to plates and wood rounds with her mother for years, but this was a new challenge.

"It was a friend's daughter's fourth birthday and I was sick of buying plastic toys that kids just get over and never use, so I decided to create something she would be able to use in years to come," Jade explained to Yahoo Lifestyle.

"My mum and I are really creative and we started making whimsical worlds which are little fairy lands in teacups and saucers.

A series of photos showing how Jade transformed the simple wooden tree house pieces into a magical land by adding faux red and white flowers, grass, plants and leaves, painting mushrooms and adding pebbles and painted figurines.
Jade's attention to detail in her Kmart tree house transformation makes it so special. Photo: Supplied

"Mum is a florist by trade and has been in the florist industry for over 20 years, so she has passed down the creative gene.

"I purchased the tree house from Kmart and I had a heap of supplies from creating the whimsical worlds and I just let my imagination take over and didn’t think about it too much," Jade said.

"I wanted to make something magical and beautiful that would get her imagination going and take her to another land."

It certainly did.

"Lucy (the birthday girl) was over the moon," Jade said.

"She was amazed when I turned on the little lights along the balcony, and started playing with it straight away.

"Her mum, Del, said it was a really special gift."

Jade used to sell her creations through her Facebook and Instagram pages but let it slide after becoming a mum.

She is ready to get back into it.

"Mum and I started creating things before I had my little girl and since then we haven't really done much, but now she is a bit older I have a bit more time to start creating again," Jade said.

"We make things to order, so if you have an idea or a picture of something in mind we can make that too."

By the responses on the Kmart Hacks And Decor page, many people will be happy to see her get back into it!

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