The insane reason Princess Diana's niece won't inherit the family fortune

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Kitty Spencer may be the noble darling of Instagram, but old-fashioned tradition means she loses out to her little brother. Photo: Instagram/kitty.spencer

Lady Kitty Spencer is arguably the most-watched royal adjacent on the globe, yet her own family has managed to completely overlook her when it comes to inheriting the sprawling ancestral estate.

The stunning niece of the late Princess Diana may have graced fashion magazines, strutted runways and nabbed nearly half a million Instagram followers, but her younger brother Louis has something she doesn’t.

A Y chromosome.

Kitty poses with her younger brother Louis (far left) who stands to inherit everything. Photo: Instagram/kitty.spencer

A step behind royalty

Yep, that old chestnut is alive and wheezing and Lady Kitty Spencer is its latest victim according to an interview her father Earl Spencer - Diana’s brother - gave to the Telegraph over the weekend.

“Is it any fairer that the eldest child gets it instead of the eldest male? Whatever you say is a selection,” he said after confirming that his 25-year-old son would inherit the family digs over his three older sisters.

'Boys rule girls drool', or words to that effect from Earl Spencer. Photo: Getty Images
Youngest child of the Earl of Spencer's first marriage, Louis stands to inherit everything. Photo: Facebook

Look, Louis Spencer may be an extremely handsome, and underrated noble guy, but that doesn't mean he should be prioritised over his equally hot and stylish older sisters.

Lady Kitty is the eldest in the family, but the archaic inheritance tradition mandates that the estate be bequeathed to the eldest male in entirety, this being despite the monarch herself doing away with male-preference primogeniture for absolute primogeniture before the birth of Prince George.

Amelia, Eliza and Kitty Spencer have been snubbed by an anachronistic set of inheritance rules. Photo: Getty Images
Queen Elizabeth changed the rules so that Charlotte will now inherit ahead of little brother Louis. Photo: Getty Images

That is, Liz has decided that being a dude no longer leap-frogs you over every female on your path to the inheritance of thrones or estates or the like - at least in the Royal family.

Unfortunately, the landed gentry have not followed suit.

Basically, many of the English aristocracies are so firmly stuck in pre-Elizabethan England that we may as well prepare our neck ruffs because they're probably going to make a comeback.

The forgotten sisters

Louis, Eliza, Kitty and Amelia have swapped the monogrammed jumpers for chic fashion and rare public appearances. Photo: Getty Images

Meanwhile Kitty Spencer is standing on her own two feet, and doing it for herself with several lucrative deals with high-end fashion houses like Dolce and Gabbana keeping her clothed and fed.

Her equally attractive younger brother could probably make a decent dollar following suit, but with that kind of inheritance headed his way, he is understandably keeping clear of the fashion and public scene almost altogether.

The inheritance debacle may have you picturing a petulant youngster counting gold coins and rubbing his hands together in glee when you imagine Louis, but rare glimpses of the viscount show a handsome and seemingly kind 20-something (see puppy pics).

Louis' sweet look defies his unfair advantage in the family hierarchy. Photo: Instagram

His elder sisters Eliza and Amelia are twins and stay mainly out of the public eye, with Amelia a notable absence from her cousin Prince Harry’s wedding last year, despite the other Spencer children attending.

No surprise

A tradition so completely steeped in sexism and misogyny may jar, but it should hardly come as a surprise.

The English aristocracy have a habit of moving at a snail’s pace from one century to the next, but with the powerful female figures now entrenched in the 21st-century royal family we were - perhaps foolishly - hoping for more.

There is the argument to be made that bequeathing the entirety of an estate to one child keeps ancestral homes and lands in the family, where a split inheritance might divvy them up for sale, but with an estimated $179 million and multiple properties to go around, we're sure some kind of compromise could be reached.

Until then the ‘boys rule, girls drool’ method lives on.

Louis was always going to take centre stage if the old tradition was adhered to. Photo: Getty Images

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