The Kitchen Tool That Makes Perfect Fried Eggs A Breeze

Fried eggs on bread
Fried eggs on bread - Mmeemil/Getty Images

The first thing you probably learned about eggs is how simple they are to cook. It's not quite boiling water, but it's close. The next thing you might have learned about cooking eggs is: You are doing it all wrong. Honestly, as long as your results are edible (and enjoyable), your method isn't "wrong." However, there are so many hacks for making the best fried eggs, and if you stick to one approach, you could be missing out on better ones.

For example, you might not have ever thought about it, but you don't even need a skillet to fry an egg -- using just a metal ladle will do the trick. A metal ladle holds the egg in place and is heat-proof, so it can get hot enough to cook the egg. To use the kitchen tool, warm the ladle directly over the stovetop, add your favorite fat (such as butter), let it melt, and pour in the egg. Then, hold the ladle steadily until the egg is fully cooked. The result is a foolproof fried egg.

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Tips For Frying An Egg In A Metal Ladle

Fried eggs on a plate
Fried eggs on a plate - Brandon Bell/Getty Images

While you may be tempted to switch up your recipe and skip the fat (to simplify it even more), that's not advisable -- in fact, it's among one of the big mistakes made when frying eggs. Besides keeping your eggs from sticking, the type of fat you use adds flavor. If you skip or skimp on the fat, you won't get the flavor you're expecting for your ladle-fried egg.

While this hack might be a little challenging to perform on an electric stove, as opposed to a gas stove's flame, it does offer some versatility. If you are a fan of the outdoors, for instance, you can use this method to fry an egg over a grill. Remember, however, that the temperature will not be as precise, so cooking distance and safety measures are important.

Regarding safety, do not neglect hand protection. When frying an egg with a ladle, your hand will be exposed to the heat for the entire cooking process. Consider using a grill glove, especially if there is not a heat-resistant handle on your ladle.

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