Kit Kat's New 'Ghost Toast' Flavor Has Fans Excited for Fall

Summer may be just around the corner, but Kit Kat is already poised to welcome its fall flavor additions!

The candy brand is set to debut a brand new creation in the coming months, according to a recent social media post by food blogger Snackolator.

In the Tuesday, June 11 upload, the insider revealed, "We're getting new Cinnamon Toast Kit Kats and the 'Cinnamon Toast Crunch x Kit Kat' idea is finally happening!"

The post's caption further gave insight that Kit Kat's new flavor, set to debut in the fall, is named Ghost Toast, but will have a Cinnamon Toast-inspired taste.

"These will be in retailers nationwide at the end of the summer and you can get minis along with full sized bars," the caption continued.

Fans in the comment section were seemingly head over heels for the addition to the brand's lineup, penning their reactions to the sweet treat to come.

"I'm so excited !! KitKat needs to release more flavors here like how they do in Japan. I get so jealous," one admitted, while another cleverly suggested they instead be named "Cinnamon Ghost Crunch."

"These are SOOOO CUTE 🥺🥺," a third gushed, as a fourth agreed, "these sound bomb already."

Meanwhile, someone else was perplexed at the timing of the announcement, writing, "It seems like KitKat is dropping new items themed one season ahead; at this rate would they be releasing their Christmas designs in the Fall? 🤔."

"Can't wait for the fall season 😌👌🏼," another crisp weather fan chimed in, and with all the goodies releasing around that time, we can't help but agree!

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