Kit Harington Believes There Should Be Equal Male and Female Nudity On Game Of Thrones

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Kit Harington Believes There Should Be Equal Male And Female Nudity On Game Of Thrones

Kit Harington. Photo: Youtube

Game Of Thrones Season Five might still be just under two months away (sniff), but star Kit Harington has spoken out about his hopes and dreams for the future of the show. Harington, who plays night’s watch heartthrob Jon Snow, believes that the one thing missing from the cult favourite show is male nudity.

“I do think there should be an equal amount of [male and female nudity],” Harington said at a press conference.

Co-star Sophie Turner, who plays his sister Sansa Stark, joined the conversation and added that the lack of male nudity reflected the attitudes of “medieval times”. “Women didn’t really have a huge say in the [GOT] world,” Turner said. “I think one of the main ways that women can use what they have is through sex. They can really manipulate people through men’s desires, and the same vice-versa, so I think it is quite necessary that they show that aspect.”

There’s no official word on just how much male nudity there will be in season 5 (we’re thinking the answer will be slim to none), but Harington did drop a few hints about his character’s story arc in the season.

The fifth season will be “important,” Harington told reporters, touching on something author George R.R Martin said at the Writers Guild West Awards on Saturday.

“Everybody better be on their toes,” Martin said. “People are going to die who don’t die in the books, so even the book readers will be unhappy.”

The current body count for Game Of Thrones sits at 314. Who’s going to die next? We can’t wait to find out.


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