Kira Puru on headlining tours, her debut album and covering Katy Perry

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Kira Puru stopped by Build Series Sydney. Photo: Build Series Sydney.

Kira Puru is living her best life. The Aussie musician has collaborated with some of the country’s best artists, headlined her own tour and her hot new single is on high rotation.

The Newcastle native dropped by Build Series Sydney to chat about all that and much more with host Danny Clayton.

“Everyone I’ve worked with have been so great,” Kira told Danny when he quizzed her about teaming up with the likes of Urthboy, Paul Kelly and Paul Mac in the past.

“I get bored, that’s why I like to collaborate,” she added.

Her debut self-titled EP is all Kira, however, and her songs ‘Molotov’ and ‘Tension’ have since racked up millions of listens on Spotify.

Her latest offering, ‘Everything Is Better Without You’ is expected to do the same - just don’t call it a break-up anthem.

“It’s not written from a bitter place at all,” she explained. “It’s about not having that heart-in-your-chest reaction when you see your ex. It’s about growth.”

Last year, Kira mixed things up with a rendition of Katy Perry’s hit ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)’ for Triple J’s Like A Version segment.

Kira tearing it up on stage. Photo: Instagram/kirapuru.

“I love pop music - the trashier the better. That song is a banger,” she told Danny.

Her other guilty listening pleasure? Lil Nas X’s viral hit ‘Old Town Road.’

“I listened to it 20 times on tour with [Aussie band] Peking Duck. I felt sick.”

In the spotlight

Speaking of tours, Kira has recently made a successful transition from supporting to headlining act.

“Headlining a tour is great. It’s special to walk on the stage and know that people are there for you and have paid money to be there,” she said.

In fact, Kira admits she feels more comfortable on a massive stage than in an interview.

“It’s liberating to be a different person on stage for an hour,” she revealed.

So, what’s next for Kira?

“I wanna be so insanely rich that people are concerned,” she quipped. “My blowout would be taking a private jet to Italy to eat at a restaurant.”

Jokes aside, Kira has her feet firmly planted in reality - and the recording studio.

“I’m chipping away at my new album. I’m working my butt off and having a ball,” she said.

On top of that she also revealed that she’s been working with a production team to put a new show together, so expect a new tour soon.

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