“Kindergarten Cop” star reveals origin of ‘boys have a penis’ line

“Kindergarten Cop” star reveals origin of ‘boys have a penis’ line

“They didn’t have a line for me,” Miko Hughes said.

Miko Hughes is detailing the origin of his first anatomy lesson.

In an interview with Dave Coulier on the Full House Rewind podcast, the Kindergarten Cop actor explained the story behind his most iconic line — the laughably declarative “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina" — from the classic comedy, which sees Arnold Schwarzenegger play an undercover detective who embeds himself in a kindergarten classroom to investigate a student's criminal father.

Hughes said that when he played kindergartener Joseph at age 4 in the 1990 film, he was “the youngest one in the classroom.” The actor said that although he doesn’t have much memory of that early gig, his parents tell him, “They didn’t have a line for me, I didn’t have lines written. They had us all, some of it was kind of written as developed on set.”

<p>Universal/courtesy Everett</p> Arnold Schwarzenegger and Miko Hughes in 'Kindergarten Cop'

Universal/courtesy Everett

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Miko Hughes in 'Kindergarten Cop'

Coulier asked if the actors improvised on set, to which Hughes responded, “Yeah, yeah, it was a lot of ‘yes-and’ing. Yeah, I think they just kinda got a feel for Arnold and the kids and the dynamic, who, what, where, and how they wanted to do everything.”

“The story I’m told is that they came to my parents and said, ‘They want him to say this line that’s kind of provocative,’” Hughes said of his unforgettable line. “And I guess my mom said she took a couple days, she’s like, ‘This is kinda crazy, I dunno, is it good? Is it bad?’”

Hughes said that his mother recognized the potential of the line. “She thought, ‘That’s is gonna be the line that everyone remembers,’ and went for it,” he explained. “Now I’ll forever be known as the ‘Boys have a penis, girls have the vagina’ kid.”

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The actor recalled Schwarzenegger being “fantastic” to work with. “He was very kind to all the kids,” he said.

<p>Bobby Bank/Getty</p> Miko Hughes in 2019

Bobby Bank/Getty

Miko Hughes in 2019

Hughes also shared his memories about playing Tom Hanks’ son in Apollo 13 in 1995. “It was fun,” he said. “Tom and I have one kinda one-on-one kinda emotional scene… it was kinda intense, it was kinda like, ‘We’re there to do this,’ and I kinda felt the gravity of it at the time. But it was an amazing experience.”

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Elsewhere in the episode, Hughes recalled his time working on Full House. “It was the most stage-like [project] because of the three-camera [setup] and the live studio audience, there’s that immediate feedback of the crowd,” he remembered of his 13 episodes playing Aaron Bailey on the sitcom. “And I think that was really fun, and that was really unique.”

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Listen to the full conversation between Hughes and Coulier above.

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