Kim Kardashian roasted over hidden detail in recent TV ad

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Kim Kardashian has been mercilessly mocked for her appearance in a new TV ad promoting plant-based meat.

In the ad, Kim touts the benefits of Beyond Meat as she tastes various products, including a burger, meatballs and chicken tenders.

"I believe so much in the mission of Beyond Meat that I've stepped in to help with my greatest asset, my taste," she says in the ad.

"This plant-based meat is not only amazingly delicious, but it's also better for you and better for the planet. It's a simple change that makes a really big difference.

"And now that I'm Beyond Meat's chief taste consultant, there's never been a better time to go beyond."

Kim Kardashian holds a Beyond Meat burger.
Kim Kardashian was roasted for pretending to chew the Beyond Meat burger. Source: Youtube

Kim, who lives off a mostly plant-based diet, was however roasted for pretending to eat the products.

When tasting the burger, Kim holds it to her mouth while chewing. However, not a bite has been taken out of the meal she is holding.

It then cuts to a clip of her holding a meatball on the end of the fork, but instead of taking a bite, she stares at the camera.

In another moment in the ad, she holds a piece of sausage on a fork and appears to be chewing, but again there is no evidence she has actually taken a bite.

Kim Kardashian mocked by fans

Fans have piled on the star for her acting performance, saying her chewing was obviously fake.

"I ain’t buying it cause you ain’t really eating it," one said on Instagram.

"This is so inauthentic," another commented.

"You didn't even eat the food," a third added before somebody responded, "My exact thoughts. Like she fake chewed a few times."


Others also savaged the star on the video posted to Beyond Meat's YouTube page.

"How bad could it be that Kim doesn’t even want to bite the burger," one said.

"That was the most staged performance of eating I’ve ever seen," another claimed.

"How'd the burger taste Kim?" a third joked.

Star called out for photoshop fail

The TV ad comes after Kim was called out by fans for appearing to photoshop a photo of herself in a nude G-string bikini.

The star posted a photo to Instagram showing off her voluptuous figure, captioning the photo, "Sun bum".

Many were wowed by the snap while others instead spotted an awkward detail.

"Left hip is absolutely edited," one eagle-eyed fan pointed out.

Kim Kardashian in a nude bikini.
Kim Kardashian was called out after she posted this photo in her bikini. Source: Instagram

Others agreed, with one also suggesting she had also edited other parts of her body.

"Yes, the line is bumpy," one commented.

"OK now show us an unedited pic," another said.

"Babes the photoshop is noticeable," a third claimed.


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