Kim Kardashian roasted over detail in new bikini snap: 'Third thigh'

Kim Kardashian has been roasted by fans over a subtle detail in a new photo she uploaded to Instagram.

In the snap, the star is stunning in a skimpy black diamante bikini however eagle-eyed fans spotted something that wasn't quite right.

Many said the star looked as though she had a "third thigh" as it seemed like her leg had been cloned and overlayed, giving the appearance of an extra leg.

Fans claimed the star had attempted to photoshop the bikini snap, with many flocking to the comments to mock her.

"Whoever is in charge of her photoshop needs a new profession," one savage fan commented.

"Imagine literally editing a thigh gap into your photos in 2022," another said.

"She has a thigh behind her thigh," a third added.

"Why she got two thighs on the left?" another person questioned.

Kim Kardashian appeared to have three thighs in this bikini snap. Source: Instagram
Kim Kardashian appeared to have three thighs in this bikini snap. Source: Instagram

Others however said the illusion of the "third thigh" was due to a mirror behind her, with others saying she was a "smoke show".

"Freakin gorgeous," one said.

"So bomb," another claimed.

"SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!" a third chimed in.


It comes after Kim was roasted for another photoshop fail in a bikini snap in May.

The star posted a photo to Instagram showing off her voluptuous figure in a nude g-string swimsuit, captioning the photo, "Sun bum".

Many were wowed by the snap while others instead spotted an awkward detail.

"Left hip is absolutely edited," one eagle-eyed fan pointed out.

Others agreed, with one also suggesting she had also edited other parts of her body.

"Yes, the line is bumpy," one commented.

"OK now show us an unedited pic," another said.

"Babes the photoshop is noticeable," a third claimed.

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