Kiefer Sutherland show Rabbit Hole cancelled ahead of season 2

kiefer sutherland, rabbit hole
Kiefer Sutherland show Rabbit Hole cancelledParamount+

Paramount+ has axed Kiefer Sutherland's spy thriller Rabbit Hole ahead of a second season.

According to Variety, a representative confirmed the cancellation of Rabbit Hole, as well as the TV reboot of Fatal Attraction, in a statement, saying: "Fatal Attraction and Rabbit Hole will not be returning for second seasons on Paramount+.

"We want to thank both series' entire creative teams, crews and the fantastic casts for their dedication to bringing these series to life."

Eight-part series Rabbit Hole starred 24's Sutherland as John Weir, a man who utilises espionage plots in order to gain the upper hand in business negotiations.

kiefer sutherland, rabbit hole

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However, after a deadly conspiracy which leads to the death of his friends, John finds himself on the run and determined to clear his name.

Alongside Sutherland, the show also starred Charles Dance, Meta Golding, Enid Graham, Rob Yang, Walt Klink and Lance Henriksen.

The series was created by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, with the pair also executive producing alongside Sutherland, Hunt Baldwin, Suzan Bymel, and Charlie Gogolak.

Rabbit Hole premiered on March 26, with the finale seeing a tense showdown between John, Ben (Charles Dance) and Crowley (Henriksen).

kiefer sutherland, meta golding, rabbit hole

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Speaking to Digital Spy about Rabbit Hole earlier this year, Sutherland revealed he'd been inspired to join the series after a discussion with Requa and Ficara.

"They started referencing seventies thrillers like Three Days Of The Condor, The Parallax View, All The President's Men and Marathon Man," he said.

"All of these were movies that I grew up watching, and they were the kinds of movies that I thought if I was lucky enough to work as an actor in film one day, these are the kind of movies that I wanted to make."

Rabbit Hole is available to stream in full now on Paramount+.

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