KFC ‘Upping the Fast Food Beverage Game’ With New Summer Items

KFC is quenching fans' need for new ways to cool down this summer with several additions to its drink menu.

Ahead of the official start of the season, the fast food chain is teasing fans with a handful of new beverages, which all promise to sweeten even the hottest, sweatiest days.

The new drinks feature the same base–KFC's all-new Tropical Passionfruit Lemonade–which can then be transformed into one of three options for a limited time with some help from mixology, according to a quiet update to its menu.

Coming to KFC menus at participating locations is the standalone Tropical Passionfruit Lemonade, as well as the Tropical Passionfruit Lemonade mixed with Starry for a little lemon-lime bubbly action, the Tropical Passionfruit Lemonade mixed with Mtn Dew Sweet Lightning, and Tropical Passionfruit Lemonade Iced Tea, which fans can order be made with Colonel's Sweetened or Unsweetened teas.

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Instagram influencer Snackolater, who has gained over 300K followers on the platform for regularly previewing and testing new fast food menu updates, also debuted the news online and declared the additions were "upping the fast food beverage game."

KFC's summer 2024 drink lineup has already started to roll out at some stores, and those who haven't tried the new drinks seem pretty amped up, with one social media user suggesting it "looks so good," and another said it "looks tasty."

"Doin anything to be Popeyes," a third joked.

Along with the new drinks, KFC is also testing a new menu item in select markets.

According to the official statement shared earlier this week, KFC's Chicken Quesadilla is made with "fried chicken, which is shredded in-house and smothered with signature gravy, topped with a melty three-cheese blend, toasted to perfection, and served with your favorite dipping sauce or hot sauce."

The chicken quesadilla test item is headed to menus across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Tennessee, but only for a limited time, so if you're drooling while thinking of trying it, be sure to check out the full list of KFC locations currently testing it.

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