KFC Is Introducing a First-Of-Its-Kind Item, and I Tried It First

Look out, Taco Bell!

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KFC is seriously on a different level this week. First, the Colonel all but squared up with Wendy over its newest menu innovation, saucy nuggets. Releasing a new flavor the day your competitor drops its version? We see you.

Now, normally, we’d say that KFC was coming after Taco Bell’s schtick, but they are sister companies under YUM! Brands, so what’s mine is yours, we guess. But, yes, the fried chicken chain is entering a whole new food sector with its latest menu test: the KFC Chicken Quesadilla.

KFC Testing New Chicken Quesadilla



KFC just announced that its fried chicken-stuffed quesadilla will be added to select menus for a limited time in four states. The restaurant’s take on the Mexican dish features a flour tortilla filled with shredded fried chicken, cheese, and KFC’s signature gravy. It’s grilled to cheesy perfection and served with hot sauce or your favorite dipping sauce.

Much like many of KFC’s latest menu additions—like the Chizza and Double Down—the chicken quesadilla originated in one of its global markets. Originally, KFC offered its quesadilla in Spain and Portugal, where it was known as the Chickadilla. Those quesadillas were released in partnership with Doritos—and filled with fried chicken, tomatoes, cheese sauce, sriracha, and the chips. Despite Doritos' long-standing partnership with YUM! Brands and Taco Bell, we won’t be getting Dorito-filled quesadilla just yet. Maybe if the KFC Chicken Quesadilla makes it to menus nationwide, we’ll get some fun variations one day.

For now, the menu test will be held in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Tennessee. You can find a full list of participating restaurants on KFC’s site. While I haven’t tried this version of the chicken quesadilla, I did try one at the KFC headquarters back in March when it was still being developed. Here’s what I thought.

My Honest Review of KFC's Chicken Quesadilla

First, the Chicken Quesadilla I tried at KFC’s Louisville HQ is slightly different from what they’ve landed on for menu testing. I don’t remember it having gravy inside the quesadilla, but rather as a side option for dipping.

As it was, I found the shredded chicken and cheese quesadilla good, but a little bit boring. I’m a sucker for a quick and easy three-ingredient quesadilla—sometimes even in the microwave—but I don’t know that’s what I’d want when fried chicken sandwiches and drumsticks are my other options.

I will say, I think putting the gravy inside and serving it with hot sauce or one of KFC’s dipping sauces will make it better. It’s definitely a comfort-food classic that’s easier to eat on the go than a bucket of chicken, and it’s a nice option to have for people who might want something other than traditional KFC.

I know my brother, who would only allow us to eat at the combo KFC and Taco Bell so he could have tacos while we had fried chicken, would have appreciated a quesadilla option growing up.

And, hey, my thoughts on the quesadilla completely change if you offer me one stuffed with Doritos and queso, so, I’ll wait for that one to come around before I try it again.

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