Sneaky hack to get $14 worth of KFC chicken for free

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

We have to admit we’re feeling a little like chicken for dinner tonight after hearing about this nifty little trick to bag yourself some free KFC chicken.

The sneaky hack was shared to Facebook by a man who worked out a way to trick KFC’s online app into giving him 14 pieces of Original Recipe chicken for free.

The Queensland man shared a screenshot showing a 21-piece original recipe bucket on the app coming in at $43.65.

A 21-piece bucket costs $43.65. Photo: Facebook

But with some creative thinking and the use of the ‘Build your own Bucket’ option, he was able to put together another 21-piece bucket for just $29.85.

He did it by combining 3-pieces, 6-pieces, and 12-pieces of chicken instead.

Now the same amount of chicken costs less than $30. Photo: Facebook

The post quickly went viral with chicken-lovers thanking the guy for his ‘genius discovery’.

“Mind blown,” one person commented.

“Life will never be the same,” another added.

It won’t work out exactly the same for everyone as prices do vary in different areas, as some people pointed out.

“Where I am from, it's only $34.95 for 21 pieces on the normal menu,” one person wrote.

But regardless, it shows there are ways to get things cheaper if you do enough investigating for it.

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