The Key To Halloween-Themed Burgers Is In The Cheese

prepared halloween themed burger
prepared halloween themed burger - Elena_hramowa/Getty Images

Halloween is the perfect time to break out some cute culinary ideas and entertain friends and family with a spooky twist. While sweets are the cornerstone of Halloween party food, there's a packed goodie bag of options for savory treats, too.

Take cheeseburgers, for example -- a perfect party-food staple. You can add a little Halloween spirit by playing off the gourd-like tint of the cheese. Use the point of a sharp knife to carve your cheese slices with a jack-o'-lantern design. Keep it simple -- so you don't destroy the cheese -- with classic triangle eyes and a crescent grin, adding teeth if you're brave. Then grill your patties and place the cheese on top while the meat is still warm. It'll adhere to the rounded beef, resulting in a picture-perfect frightful face. Just serve with the top bun to one side to showcase your painstakingly cut art. Looking for more Halloween-themed burger ideas? Let's dive into other creative options.

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Other Halloween-Themed Burger Ideas

monster decorated burger
monster decorated burger - Jenifoto/Getty Images

With the right creative mindset, all burger components can be used in a Halloween makeover. For instance, bake burger buns at home to achieve a pumpkin-like shape and color. Form indented smooth grooves in the dough, then baste generously with egg yolk to give them an orange sheen. Lastly, apply a small circle of green food coloring and pepper stem to replicate the pumpkin top -- voila, it'll blend right into a patch.

Added ingredients can also come together in aesthetic flourishes for some monstrous ideas. You could dye the mayo green with food dye, or by adding pesto. Ketchup is your friend, too, as it already looks blood-like. Arranging the burger elements into a monster-like face is fun. A pickle sliced lengthways can be a tongue, cherry tomatoes or olives the eyes (stuck in using cocktail sticks), and chisel-cut cheese can look like sharp teeth. Carefully line with ketchup, and it's a costumed burger! Once guests start arriving in their own getups, these dressed-up burgers will be a memorable addition to a night full of holiday cheer.

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