Kevin Spacey cries during Piers Morgan interview, claims he owes millions in legal fees

Kevin Spacey cries during Piers Morgan interview, claims he owes millions in legal fees

Actor Kevin Spacey broke down Tuesday while speaking about the financial challenges he faces following years of legal battles over allegations of sexual harassment.

The former “House of Cards” actor, speaking in an interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” that aired Tuesday, revealed his house in Baltimore is being foreclosed on and being sold at auction as he faces “millions” in unpaid legal fees.

The moment started when television host Piers Morgan asked Spacey where he lives now, to which the actor appeared to tear up and look down.

A few moments later, Spacey said, “Well, it’s funny you asked that question.”

“Because this week, where I have been living in Baltimore is being foreclosed on and my house is being sold at auction. So, I have to go back to Baltimore and put all my things in storage,” he continued. “So, the answer to that question is, I’m not sure where I’m going to live now.”

Spacey has faced a series of accusations that he sexually assaulted multiple actors or crew members, including some from the hit Netflix show “House of Cards.” He was fired from the show in 2017 in the wake of the allegations.

Last year, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled Spacey and his production companies had to pay the makers of “House of Cards” more than $30 million due to losses as a result of his firing. The arbitrator found Spacey violated his contract’s demands for professional behavior by “engaging certain conduct in connection with several crew members in each of the five seasons that he starred in and executive produced House of Cards.”

Last July, Spacey was acquitted of sexual assault charges by a jury in London. The charges centered on allegations from four men dating back two decades. In 2022, a New York jury found Spacey not liable for battery in a civil lawsuit brought against him by actor Anthony Rapp, who alleged Spacey made a sexual advance on him in the 1980s.

When Morgan asked why his Baltimore home is being foreclosed upon, Spacey answered, “Because I can’t pay the bills I owe.”

The Academy Award winner later said there were a “couple times” where he believed he would have to file for bankruptcy but that he has “managed to sort of dodge it.”

Pressed over how much money he has, Spacey paused and looked to the side before stating, “None.”

“Well, I mean … you have some sense of legal bills. I still owe a lot of legal bills that I have not been able to pay,” he continued, before admitting he is in debt.

Spacey appeared to get emotional again when Morgan asked him how much he owes.

“It’s considerable … many millions,” he eventually answered. “The house itself is many millions.”

When asked what he will do, Spacey said, “Get back on the horse.”

Spacey has denied the series of allegations brought against him but admitted during the Tuesday interview that his behavior “pushed boundaries” by “being too handsy,” “touching someone sexually in a way that I don’t know at the time they didn’t want.”

The actor appeared to push back against Morgan’s use of the word “grope” in reference to the allegations against him, telling the host, “I agree that the word grope is a very odd word.”

“I personally … I have caressed people, I have been gentle with people. That is the way I’ve been with people. That is the way that I am. You’re making a pass at someone, you don’t want to be aggressive, you want to be gentle, and you want to see if they’re going to respond positively,” Spacey said. “So, I think the word itself is not a word I associate with my experience.”

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