Kevin Costner Makes Bold Claim About Princess Diana

According to Kevin Costner, Princess Diana may have been a little sweet on him.

In a new interview, the Yellowstone star claimed that the late former Princess of Wales allegedly "fancied" him, something he only learned via her son, Prince William.

The actor had first met the ex royal—whom passed away on Aug. 31, 1997, following a fatal car crash in Paris—while tinkering with the idea of filming a sequel to 1992 film The Bodyguard, possibly featuring the then-princess.

The movie never happened, but long after their initial meeting, Costner linked up with the now Prince of Wales, who shared a surprising tidbit with the Waterworld actor.

“About 15 years later, I ultimately had a very sweet conversation with Prince William,” the 69-year-old told People in an interview published Tuesday, June 18. “I happened to be over in England and got this message that the prince would love to talk to [me].”

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The two were in a room alone when the chat began, as Costner recalled the moment with the eldest son of Princess Diana. “We sat down and shook hands and the first line out of his mouth was, ‘You know, my mom kind of fancied you.'”

“I know,” he sarcastically replied at the time.

The conversation continued for a bit, though the actor said he'll “never ever say what” was discussed in entirety.

“It was a very sweet thing. We just chatted and we both broke away and we never became pen pals or did anything like that," he continued of the story, which he revealed he was telling for the first time. “But I’ve had such fond memories of who he was, how I was approached and what we talked about."

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