Star sidelined in major red carpet snub

Penny Burfitt
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Kerry Washington stepped out of her interview to make space for Jennifer Aniston. Photo: E!

A major blunder by Ryan Seacrest has seen actress Kerry Washington blatantly snubbed live on camera and sidelined for other stars mid-way through an interview.

The actress was bumped from her interview with the E! reporter on the red carpet after Ryan welcomed Jennifer Aniston up the stairs and Kerry helped her walk up.

The two women swapped compliments in an exchange that fans are calling ‘adorable’, but three, as they say, is a crowd.

Kerry steps off

Before the situation could become uncomfortable, Kerry decided to deliberately step off-camera halfway through her interview, to let the two talk.

“I’m going to let you guys chat,” she says. “Yeah, go, go.”

What could have been a hiccup, however, snowballed into a full-blown snub, when it emerged the star waited patiently off-camera while Seacrest continued interviewing other stars.

Following the awkward moment, fans would be excused for thinking the actress had moved on, as Seacrest moved on to interview another Jennifer, this time Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez was welcomed by Seacrest before Kerry was invited back on camera. Photo: E!

In a cringe-worthy twist, however, the actress was brought back on camera to finish her interview, after the two other women had said their piece.

Fans divided

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice the faux-pas, with some praising Kerry for her grace at making room for Jennifer Aniston, but others questioning her treatment by the E! host.

Others didn’t see the problem, but they sure saw the moment play out.

One even argued bringing Kerry back was a redeeming move by the frazzled Ryan Seacrest,

With the jury still out, all we know is there was a definite cringe-factor, what do you think?

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