Kensington Palace Offers Rare Comment on Kate Middleton’s Cancer Treatment

Kate Middleton is still in the U.K., despite swirling reports that she may have been staying in the United States to receive cancer treatment.

Middleton, 42, has been keeping the details of her cancer battle private ever since announcing her diagnosis in March, but Kensington Palace recently issued a rare comment on her wellbeing in order to shut down the unfounded rumors that have been circling online.

Following speculation that the Princess of Wales was being treated for cancer at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Tex., a representative from Kensington Palace has confirmed that the rumors are "false," multiple outlets, including the Houston Chronicle, reported.

In fact, Middleton is believed to have stayed put in the U.K. ever since sharing her cancer diagnosis, which was announced in a personal video message back in March.

Prince William's wife said in the clip that she had been diagnosed with cancer after undergoing a planned abdominal surgery in January. Around the same time, King Charles was also diagnosed with cancer, though neither of the senior royals publicly specified further details of their diagnoses.

Middleton said in March that she was beginning to undergo preventative chemotherapy treatments and that she would be doing so privately with William, 41, and their three children.

But even after coming forward with the shocking cancer news, Middleton has still remained a subject of speculation, with many members of the public once again floating around conspiracy theories about the princess' wellbeing.

It didn't help when, last week, reports suggested that Middleton "may never come back in the role people saw her in before," once again sending the internet into a frenzy over what is really going on with the princess.

Unlike her father-in-law, who recently stepped back into his role after taking some time off, Kensington Palace has not yet set a date for Middleton's official return to royal duties.

"The princess is not expected to return to work until it's cleared by her medical team," a spokesperson for Kensington Palace previously stated.

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