Kenny Chesney’s Loves This 2-Ingredient Snack So Much He Wrote a Song About It

Forget cheeseburgers in paradise.

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We have to admit, if we were songwriters, we’d probably be writing about our favorite foods, too. But, maybe singing about pepperoni pizza isn’t as catchy as Jimmy Buffett’s fully loaded "Cheeseburger in Paradise" or Dean Martin drooling over his mother’s Pasta Fagioli. Hey, that’s why we leave it to the professionals.

Typically, country artist Kenny Chesney is singing about cold drinks and sips of wine in summertime, but he revealed there’s an unreleased song out there written about his favorite food.

Kenny Chesney's Favorite 2-Ingredient Dish

In a 2010 interview with People, Chesney divulged that he’s a sucker for the ever-classic grilled cheese sandwich. However, the “Summertime” singer has a bit of a non-traditional way of making the two-ingredient meal.

When asked what his favorite sandwich is, Chesney said, “Just a plain grilled cheese with extra salt. I love it.”

Where the “extra salt” is going is unclear. Maybe Chesney adds salt to the outside of the buttered bread or maybe as a final garnish after it’s cooked—either way, that warm, gooey, and extra salty toasted cheese sandwich is making the menu.

The 12-time CMA winner is famously one of the fittest men in the country music industry, so we’re not sure when exactly he’s scarfing down grilled cheeses. However, he recently told Kelly Clarkson his new song “Guilty Pleasure” rings true in real life.

“It depends on where I am at in my life what guilty pleasure that I have,” he said. “When I’m on my boat, it’s usually a coconut rum and a sugar-free Red Bull. Anytime I go to East Tennessee, my guilty pleasure [is] country cooking.”

So, we wouldn’t be surprised if the two-ingredient meal is one of those guilty pleasures he saves for a cheat day. Though, we don’t think there’s anything to feel guilty about when enjoying a crisp sandwich filled with your favorite melty cheese—especially since Chesney is in great company with other celebrity grilled cheese lovers. Stanley Tucci once told Allrecipes his favorite comfort meal is grilled cheese and pea soup, while Jennifer Garner enjoys her grilled cheese alongside creamy tomato soup.

It's safe to say, many people would resonate with Chesney’s still-unreleased song about the dish.

“I wrote a song called ‘Red Wine and Grilled Cheese.’ I'll put it on a record some day,” he told People.

Can you tell we’re about as salty as Chesney’s favorite grilled cheese that we still haven’t heard a song about that combo on No Shoes Radio? Maybe this is the year Chesney finally releases his comfort food anthem.

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