Kendall Jenner's Barefoot Louvre Pics Are Going Viral: "A Different Kind Of Rich"

Well, well, well, here we are again posting about how unobtainably wealthy the Kardashian Klan is.

Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Jared Leto in a cat costume, and Kylie Jenner at a formal event, seated at a table with elegant dinner settings
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Today, we'll talk about the girl who solved world peace with a Pepsi: Kendall Jenner.

Woman in casual denim outfit getting a wristband from a uniformed police officer at an outdoor event with more officers and motorcycles in the background

Kendall got a private midnight tour of the Louvre in Paris.

She was also barefoot in a bunch of the pics. Scroll through the carousel to see.

People are wondering the same thing...

Instagram comment: "lestergreen41 Why is she barefoot though ?". The comment was posted 4 hours ago and has 43 likes


Instagram comment by adelka_1k saying, "Where are your shoes girl ?" with 678 likes

This person said she was a "bare foot type of gal."

Instagram comment by user quaidholder: "She's a bare foot type of gal", posted 4 hours ago with 2,358 likes and a reply option

This person went the more literal route:

Instagram comment from dawnrorick reads, "Oh wow, the Louvre, at midnight, barefoot," followed by a heart emoji

And this is my favorite comment of them all:

Instagram comment from user jamiebucknor stating, "Dogs out at the louvre is crazy," with 1,529 likes and a reply

As this person said, they really are a different kind of rich.

Instagram post from leminimacaron saying, "A different kind of rich ?" with 17 likes and a reply button

Ultimately, I can't blame her! I'd do it, too (but maybe with some slippers).

Instagram comment from user curlymaneee: "The type of stuff I'd do if I was rich ??". 9 likes


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