Kelsey Wells shares her favourite booty workout you can try at home

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The festive season fast approaches and we might be starting to run out of time or money to hit the gym, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do plenty from the comfort of your living room.

International fitness star Kelsey Wells says it’s easy to workout at home and has shared her five favourite exercises for the glutes and hamstrings so that you can keep in shape during summer.

“These are some of my favourite glute and hamstring exercises as they require minimal equipment and can be done just about anywhere,” Kelsey tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Yahoo Lifestyle caught up with Kelsey Wells for some workout tips. Photo: Instagram/Kelsey Wells

“When completed together, they can give you a really satisfying burning sensation, which I love.

“These exercises are effective because they not only target the glutes and hamstrings, but they provide a mix of isolation and compound work which can help target your entire lower body.

Check out Kelsey’s favourite booty busting exercises below and in the video.

1. Glute bridges

Involves laying flat on your back with your feet planted on the ground and raising your hips high before dropping them back down.

Glute bridges. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

2. Reverse lunges

Taking a step backwards and bringing your knee close to the floor, while making sure your front leg remains at a 90 degree angle.

Reverse lunges. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

3. Glute kickbacks

Getting on your hands and knees, keeping your core tight and lifting one leg up into the air – until it is in line with your shoulders – and bringing the knee back down.

Glute kickbacks. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

4. Fire hydrants

Also on your hands and knees but this time keep your leg bent and lift it up sideways before bringing it back down.

Fire hydrants. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

5. Double-pulse sumo squats

Have your toes pointing slightly outward, and keeping your chest proud go down into a squat position, keep your knees in line with your toes. Bounce back up halfway before going back down into the squat and then coming back to a standing position.

Double-pulse Sumo Squats. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle

Kelsey’s tips for working out at home

Music — May sound like a given, but the right music can really help you push yourself and get you in the right mindset especially when you’re not in a gym atmosphere.

Focus on form — whether in the gym or at home form, should always be a priority when strength training. Quality is better than quantity.

Ditch the guilt — maybe your workout gets cut short or you get distracted, maybe you feel guilt for taking time to workout in the first place. Don’t. Every effort counts so do what you can and be proud of yourself.

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