Kelly Rowland has no time for Delta's 'tribe'

Anita Lyons
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Another day, another The Voice drama.

On Monday night, Kelly Rowland mocked fellow judge Delta Goodrem after the Innocent Eyes singer appealed to her “tribe” to save a contestant.

Kelly Rowland has teased fellow judge Delta Goodrem for having a ‘Delta tribe’. Source: Channel 9

While it was all in good humour, Kelly had zero tolerance for her co-stars’ “trust in her tribe”.

“I know they will not let you down,” Delta said to wildcard Nathan Brake.

Kelly having absolutely none of it, mocked her mercilessly.

Kelly mocked Delta mercilessly, all in good humour. Source: Channel 9

“Delta, do you know what you did up there?” she taunted. “No, no, no, no. I know you know. We’re buddies, but up there you were like, “My tribe! Delta tribe!”

Delta, of course, was a very good sport and laughed it off.

Delta laughed off Kelly’s mockery. Source: Channel 9

“Haha Kelly, you’re such a card…” she said… well, she didn’t really, but her laugh said it all.

“I do not have Aussie blood to get up on the stage and be like ‘I know my tribe’. ‘I know my tribe!” Kelly mocked.

“It’s all G,” she added.

Spoiler alert: it was not “all G”.

Contestant Nathan lost the battle rounds last night after a fierce competition, however, Delta is determined to save him.

“I need Australia to get to vote. We have a wedding to plan on The Voice!” Delta said, referring to the on-air proposal Nathan made to his partner, Mitchell earlier in the season.

He surprised audiences and celebrity judges by popping the question to his boyfriend, and he reportedly made television history in the process.

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