Keira Maguire regrets her 'duck lips' on Bachelor In Paradise

Olivia Morris
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Keira Maguire has won the hearts of the whole of Australia on Bachelor In Paradise, but it turns out she has a major regret from appearing on the show.

Just before she jetted off to Fiji the 31-year-old had her lips done, but unfortunately there was a mistake with the amount of filler which was injected into them.

She was only supposed to have half a millilitre of filler but ended up with two millilitres injected into her lips due to “a series of errors”.

Keira was “devastated” by the results of her lip filler she had just before she jetted off to Fiji for Bachelor In Paradise. Source: Ten

Keira admitted to Woman’s Day she was “devastated” by the results.

“Not only couldn’t I move my face when I was on the show, it actually made me have a permanent pout,” she told the magazine.

So much so, Keira couldn’t believe what her lips looked like on television.

Keira has since had her lip filler dissolved and his much happier with her lips. Source: Instagram / keiramaguire

“Every time I saw myself on TV, I was like, ‘Why are you pouting?’ but I knew I had no control over it,” she explained.

However, she was able to have all the filler dissolved, going for a more natural look and admitted she is extremely “grateful” it was possible to remove all the filler in her lips.

Having the filler removed has also taken her kissing experience with boyfriend Jarrod Woodgate to a whole new level as he now “loves” Keira’s natural lips.

Having had her lip filler dissolved, it’s taken Keira’s kissing experience with Jarrod to a whole new level apparently. Source: Ten

“He says he can actually kiss me properly!” she said.

We’re sure he’s said a lot more about kissing you than just that, Keira.

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