Kayla Itsines: ‘We all have stretch marks’

Allison Yee

Forget body perfection, Aussie trainer Kayla Itsines is all about being real – and she’s showing off her stretch marks to prove it.

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The 26-year-old trainer and worldwide fitness phenomenon has spoken out against the idea of Instagram perfection versus what women really look like.

Fitspo guru Kayla has built an army of followers on social media. Photo: Instagram

“We all get bloated, we all have stretch marks, it’s just completely 100 per cent normal,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

Kayla has teamed up with fellow fitness influencers Sjana Elise Earp and Kelsey Wells for her app, and is determined to shift the focus onto what women feel like, rather than what they look like.

Kayla loves her stretch marks - and has the snaps to prove it. Photo: Instagram

Slamming the unrealistic images we see on our social media feeds, Kayla last month shared photos of her stretch marks to her 7.2 million Instagram followers.

“I am a woman, and I am proud to be one and have these marks!” she captioned the snap. “Some of us won't have any at all, some will have them just like me and others will be completely different. We all have them, mine are on the sides of my legs.... for now. I'm sure when I decide to have some babies, I'll get some more - but hey, #thisisme!"

Kayla's thrown her name behind the push for body confidence. Photo Instagram

The Adelaide-based trainer has also encouraged social media users to think about why they’re taking the photos they post online – and explain the reason behind it.

The trainer wants women to be more real on social media. Photo: Instagram

“It’s really important to talk about why you took that photo … or the hard work that goes into everyday life, or goes into yoga, or becoming a mum, or after you have a baby,” she added.

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